Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Glitz....the Party's Over!

Sharing a re-cap from last year's glitz!

Wow! What a whirlwind this Holiday season has been!
Incorporating blogging into my daily life, at this time of year, was a real eye opener for me.  The fast pace of posting, linking and visiting, to share, keep in touch and make new friends sure was a challenge....damn you seasoned blogger's are GOOD! 
So, not to be one to miss out on an opportunity to share my talents, LAST NIGHT, I  decided to take on the task of creating a New Year's Eve Fireplace and Mantle.
Our plans to spend a few days with our best friends fell through so, we are now staying home to celebrate with one very special husband's, beautiful and very elegant, 90 year old, Mom!

As I mentioned, at the start, this was a very last minute creation... it kind of just happened as I "putzed" along and gathered most of my finds from around the house.  One quick trip to my nearby dollar store completed the scene to my content.
"Happy New Year" was added to the mirror, after most of the photos were taken, using a white paint marker...easily removable!

Here's the whole "shabang!"
Some of my pics show the white lights that I added then removed. I loved the lights, but hated them in the photos!

This  golden, glitz candle was a very special gift and was the beginning of my theme of
"New Year's Eve Glitz."

Lots more "party" details...a feather and an earring add  a touch of "glitz" to our clock!

"Grandma's" watch adorns a festive, party hat!

Golden glitter candles with some extra "glam"...gotta have the bling!

Dollar store "poppers" that I wrapped in gold glitter and personalized with letters for a special touch!

A little something" special inside the fireplace, too!

 So, another year has passed...another year ahead to look forward to. I  hope that, you, my loved ones and friends will all stay healthy, be happy, find true love and gain financial improvement and have much success with whatever you may do!

Now, I've got major Holiday packing to do...will post pics of my mess, soon!
Then I promise to be back, next week, with a winter mantle re-do...'til then I need a nice, much needed break!!!

But, before you go you might find a few more ideas here
New Year's Party in the Clubhouse

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

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and to another wonderful blogger, Tammy over @  onemoretimeevents
thank you, thank you!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Dinner Tablescape at JP's

Christmas 2012 is over and the decorations will be coming down, soon, and will be packed away, again, for next year. 
Memories, of our festive celebration, will fade, but thankfully we will have many wonderful photos to look back on to re-live our beautiful gathering from "back in the day!"

We had quite a full house to pack into our kitchen's dining area... 13 in all, but, by removing some pieces, adding an extension to our table and squeezing in a little table for the kiddies everything worked out just fine.
These are some photos of our memorable day!
 Seating for the ten adults was at our table for eight with an added extension at one end.

The extended end had it's own co-ordinating centerpiece.

The place settings with "Grandmas" cherished silverware, napkin holders made with gold lame ribbon and poinsettia's clipped from a dollar store bunch and my "score" from Walgreen's....Holiday dinner plates for just $1.19 each!

Snow scattered all around!

An elegant kiddie table, too!

The "Snow Mountain" Centerpiece Candlescape.

The dinner bell and a cherished creation.

The Chandelier post is case you missed it!

This one is just "priceless"..... my four, beautiful daughters and me!

Another "fav" of with my girls and four of my grands...Rocco & Gianna were not here :( :(

My "Honeyman" and Me....he's the one who makes the magic more ways than one :(
and I thank him for his undying love and care that he gives to us all!

This was my first year of sharing our Christmas, in posts, on my blog. I must admit that I truly admire those of you who have been doing this for years. It has been a learning experience for me with the fun of gaining new friends with fabulous ideas and décor of your own. I hope that you have enjoyed my "newbie" posts and will continue to follow me for many, many more!

Taking a much needed break.....I'll be back in 2013!!!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
 PS....Are you new to my blog? If you'd like to see my other Holiday decorating posts go here and see the lists of what you missed in my December Archives, in the left side column, under my profile.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Golden Glitter, Snowy Candlescape & Loving Christmas Wishes

~Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas~

Snippets of a my golden glitter, snowy centerpiece.

Fresh cut pine and boxwood accents tucked into crystal,cordial glasses that make such pretty votives.

 My amber, crystal dinner bell that will be ringing the family to the table on Christmas Eve.

This is the rear view with a "glammed up" cardboard horseshoe, a present that I created for my dad when I was just seven, complete with wadded, silver foil "nails".....A real sentimental treasure!

 Sending love, joy and peace to all my family and friends with wishes for a wonderful celebration with all of your loved ones!

Time to finish up some last minute "tweaking" to finalize tomorrow's tablescape. I'll be posting a few more of the table, the centerpiece candlescape and the family after our big day.

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
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