Friday, February 13, 2015

An Evening Of Romance & Love

I've been so excited about pulling together a beautiful, Valentine's Day, tablescape for my honey and I'm happy to finally be able to share it with you.
 This is our romantic tablescape that is waiting to celebrate our very special day tomorrow!

It has lots of details and layers as you can see.

Jute, burlap and hand scripted ribbon gather our new flatware that is centered on each place setting.

A battenburg napkin is folded in half with it's ends tucked under a burlap charger.

It adds even more interest, with the floral table cloth, place mat and dinnerware to complete the  layered look.

Little hand twisted buds accent the charger's rim.

Vintage, brown transferware, plates are separated with a deep red plate in between.

I found these tiny canvases and stands in Walmart for just 99 cents each and added the art work that I made in "Pic Monkey" to make it really special.
That's me and my honey!

Little heart charms hang off each crystal wine glass which compliments the details on the"Hampton Forge" flatware.

A wire plate holder, filled with petals, holds the vase with red camellia's from our tree.

A straw woven place mat and brown transferware dish add a few more layers to the centerpiece.

I like to add a little something special to the chairs when I can and made these 6" flowers with two, old, pillow cases. They were leftover from covers that had seen their day.

I used the entire pillowcase without even cutting it up!

Sorry, for the really crappy picture here!!!
I started by gathering it from the open end then just gathered and bunched up the rest. Then I tied it where my hand was holding it into place with a long strand of jute and then secured it to each chair.

Three crystal candle sticks with prisms sit off to one side of our very large table set just for two.

Epsom salt fills the centers of each bobeche with one fabric bud. The centered one is holding a key to my heart!

The trio of long stemmed roses and wrapped with white satin ribbon isn't real but, still adds romance to the tablescape and that's good enough for me.

Six, vintage "salt cellars" are perfect votive holders for the "chocolate candles" that surround the centerpiece.

Here's a peek at the cards that I chose to remember another special Valentine's day.

This one is my favorite!

Here's what's ready to be popped into the oven...chicken and eggplant parm. Two of "Honey's" favorites. They'll be the main dishes, tomorrow, for our very romantic meal.

Now,  just when I thought all pics were done, I decided to make a little change. You know, when something just doesn't feel just right, ...right?  The centerpiece was that something!
 I used the bottom of this glass storage jar to use as a shorter vase.

 I like the new version much, much more!

And lastly, a few more pics by candle light.

I just couldn't bring myself to light the chocolate candles....would you have?

Now, I really can't wait for tomorrow!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day with the special love of your life!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!



Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Living Room is filled with LOVE!

Our living room is filled with LOVE and lots of hearts for Valentine's day!

The beautiful, black and gold vintage frame is a gift from a very dear friend that has been waiting for something special to fit inside it. So, I added scripted words, as a background, to the coat hanger heart that I made a few years ago.
A candle rose and an antique, ring box are balanced inside the frame's inside rim.

The words expess my love to my honey in a repeating pattern.

Grandma's baby shoe sits on top of a band box that I recently found. I had to have it when I saw the heart!

One of her pearl earrings accents the frame and photo from a very special night on the town.
  I couldn't splurge on real, red roses for the vase, so the faux ones had to do for now.

I added a ruffle to "fancify" my bentwood chair.

A trio of Valentine candy boxes create a little vignette.

The ruffle matches the ruffles on our tv console.

A unique, gold, antique wire and wood basket holds nostalgic cards on my father's, little bentwood, chair.

Hearts hang on an old, white ladder in the corner of the room.

 I hung my chippy shutter on the wall

and pinned a Valentine to it's center.

Subtle touches are on the washstand.

I love this shabby book and heart vignette.

Grandma's Victorian mirror wears a pair of gold tin hearts and a 1940's Valentine, too.

 A little somethin' for the washstand.

Two, heart boxes and my honey and me, too!

 I will be back with one last post for Valentine's day. I'll be showing you the tablescape that I'm planning for our most romantic day!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!