Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Living Room is filled with LOVE!

Our living room is filled with LOVE and lots of hearts for Valentine's day!

The beautiful, black and gold vintage frame is a gift from a very dear friend that has been waiting for something special to fit inside it. So, I added scripted words, as a background, to the coat hanger heart that I made a few years ago.
A candle rose and an antique, ring box are balanced inside the frame's inside rim.

The words expess my love to my honey in a repeating pattern.

Grandma's baby shoe sits on top of a band box that I recently found. I had to have it when I saw the heart!

One of her pearl earrings accents the frame and photo from a very special night on the town.
  I couldn't splurge on real, red roses for the vase, so the faux ones had to do for now.

I added a ruffle to "fancify" my bentwood chair.

A trio of Valentine candy boxes create a little vignette.

The ruffle matches the ruffles on our tv console.

A unique, gold, antique wire and wood basket holds nostalgic cards on my father's, little bentwood, chair.

Hearts hang on an old, white ladder in the corner of the room.

 I hung my chippy shutter on the wall

and pinned a Valentine to it's center.

Subtle touches are on the washstand.

I love this shabby book and heart vignette.

Grandma's Victorian mirror wears a pair of gold tin hearts and a 1940's Valentine, too.

 A little somethin' for the washstand.

Two, heart boxes and my honey and me, too!

 I will be back with one last post for Valentine's day. I'll be showing you the tablescape that I'm planning for our most romantic day!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Janet! I love those hearts you have hanging on the ladder. Great picture of you and your hubs, too. : )