Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ivory Heart Pocket and a Touch of Love

I added a touch of love my sweet, little, ivory wall pocket.

Vintage lace with pearl additions, a scrap of paper romance, one pear 
button and a few hearts turned my old, plain, tin heart into another piece of 
"Shabby Glam"...the perfect place to hold some love notes!

This was how it looked before.

And now with lots of pretty details!

It's hanging in our entry, now.

with a cherished photo of my great grandmother it's vintage frame.

"Emma Charlotta Knuckey"

Lots more Valentine projects have already been posted and I still have a few more to share...hop on over to my archives, there's lots you may have missed. Now, I have a platter to re-do!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day Mantel & a Heart Giveaway

After realizing how many hearts were on our Valentine's Day Mantel I thought it might be fun for you to  find "how many" hearts are in this post to win this prize.
I will be giving away my grapevine, "sweater heart wreath" to one sharp winner!

Note: there are LOTS of hearts and some sneaky ones, too.....the hearts on the garland swag and necklaces will not count (too many hearts within them) 
ALL other hearts in each photo of this post count...
Now, start counting and share this post with anyone that you think might like to have some fun and win my cute, little heart, too!

Now, a look at our mantel...

The traditional red and white theme works best for our décor and both vintage and nostalgic items from our collections were added to create this year's Valentine Mantel theme.

Mom's vintage pitcher, white roses and grandma's brass paperweight take center stage.

Lots of hearts here!


our ladder of love stands nearby

with a "shabby glam" heart wreath

and valentine's of love.

Two "love birds" perched on top of a valentine treasure.

A vintage valentine with yesteryear's favorites.

lots of hearts here!

A beaded heart trio hangs down one side.

Hearts displayed within a vintage suitcase.

A, satin wrapped, long stem rose with gifts saved from my honey!

more hearts viewed from the side.

Grandma's, red vintage, heart, ring box is a cherished keepsake with a new photo of me and my girls...LOVE!
  The closest guess ( ALL hearts in every photo) wins....Good Luck!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
***ties will be broken with a random drawing***


Friday, January 25, 2013

White Rose Heart Re-newed!

This is my...White Rose Heart Re-newed!
My daughter's wedding was almost two year's ago...we made almost all of the décor for her wedding and had a blast.
This was used at the alter and then behind her sweetheart table...it was perfect for the occasion and since she had no place to display it, she asked me to hold onto it for her.
Eyeing it, the other day, made me think of how I could change the words for Valentine's Day and then use it in the bedroom year 'round.
This was the banner that was on it with her great grandmother's pearl earring.
I just changed the words to say...I LOVE YOU!
It turned out like this.
I really liked it like that......but...I wanted to make one more change to make it more romantic and a bit less dramatic.
So-o-o....I just painted the letters to make them white!

Subtle and Sweet and a touch "shabbier" now!
And on display in a perfect place!
Accenting the mantel, nearby and a peek at out Valentine's Day themed mantel.
with a complimenting, white rose vignette.
I know when she sees it she'll want it back...she will find her own perfect spot!
This belongs to you, Miss Kristi, and I hope you LOVE it!!!
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Hearts and Love that has already been posted.
Will be back with, yet more, Hearts and Love, soon!
Love, Hugs and Kisses,
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Shabby Glam Heart Wreath with a Paper Doily Flower

Earlier, this week, I posted Our White Ladder of Love and on that ladder was the wreath I made from a coat hanger.
Well, just as I promised, here it is...
My "Shabby Glam" Heart Wreath
with it's paper, doily flower!
A paper flower, my garnet necklace and grandma's, hand crocheted, doily in the background, add some "glam!"
And here it is, against a white background, for a another "photo shoot"
 Had to add a pic of my "Other Love".... he's always by my side!
Can't wait for tomorrow....girl's lunch out with my very bestest friend an antique shop or two!
Love, Hugs and Kisses,
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine Love Heart with Sweater Flowers

Making a Valentine Love Heart with Sweater Flowers
This was my project that started with a bunch of grapevine heart wreaths in my "to do" pile.

This is the cute, little wreath that I made from a scrap of leftover, "Love" printed burlap, a red sweater and a string of pearls.

I centered the burlap inside the wreath.
and just hot glued it onto the back.
made some sweater roses.

like this....

I just cut even strips from one sleeve.
then twisted and rolled it
tucked the end into the back
and glued it securely into place
 voila...they turned out like this!

Now, it's part of our mantel décor...with lots of LOVE around our living room!
I've got so-o-o many projects going on and ones that have been posted be sure that you are linked up with me to see my latest posts or check my January archive for more hearts and Valentine's Day projects that you may have already missed.
Leave me a message and I will follow you, too!
Now, moving on to making more hearts of love for sale and for our décor!
Love, Hugs and Kisses,
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