Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Heart Attack, a 2nd Chance and our Granddaughter's Wedding!

The last time that I shared a post with you was in the end of July. 
It was less then one week shy of my husband's 
devastating heart attack 
on August 2nd!

After what seemed like an eternity, 8 days later, he was finally admitted into surgery.  Nine hours of repair completed his quadruple bypass, a main aortic valve replacement and a carotid artery repair.
I still cannot believe that I almost lost the love of my life!!!

   Two relapses of congestive heart failure occurred the first week that he was home. He was re-admitted twice within that week and finally, after ten days in a rehabilitation hospital, he was well enough to come back home.

And I thank GOD and his team of surgeon's for giving him a 2nd Chance! 

 Myl0p'0iraculously, on the 3rd of September, and to my husband's instance, we were on the road to our granddaughter, Tia's, beautiful wedding...the one that I was sure we were going to miss!

Nestled in the mountains just outside of Woodstock, NY hides Onteora Mountain House.

This was the view of the majestic mountains of the Hudson Valley and the breathtaking view of the gorgeous backdrop for the wedding.
  Tia primped and prepared, for her vows, in this hilltop mountain house with all of the girls in her wedding party.

The staircase descended among the pines....

to a view of the seats that were soon filled with an abundance of guests.

She and her dad made a breathtaking decent.
The bride and groom, Brian, exchanged their sweet vows.

And sealed it with a kiss.

And then posed for some. very sweet, photos.

"Gucci" even got to be a special guest... if you zoom in you can see him in his cage!

The reception was held in this beautiful lodge.

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cappillino

My youngest granddaughter, Vienna Marie, was their precious little flower girl...

and center of attention on the dance floor!

For the first time ever all of our children and grandchildren were together!

Proud mama Tanya and her gorgeous baby!

A special photo that I will cherish forever!

I love this pic....especially my honey's white sneakers. His dress shoes were the only things that I forgot to pack!

Me and my first born Tanya.

Shaine is daughter #2 and Kaycie is #3

I love this picture of Kaycie.

And this one of my honey with the baby of our girls, Kristi.

The grand children...Kendra (in pink), Christian (standing) and Vienna belong to Miss Kristi.
The "twins" are Rocco and Gianna who belong to Shaine.

Vienna and Kendra looked like little fairies running through the forest.

"Woop-Woop" party time!

I'm hoping that the professional photographer got a better one of this!

It was truly a magical wedding  and I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!

 I'm so happy that we were able to enjoy our granddaughter's fairytale day and that we can now keep on going strong with lots of love and kisses of our own.

And I'll keep on praying that we will be able to live many more years of our wonderful life and grow even older together!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!
Can you see him? He's playing "peek-a-boo!"
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