Monday, October 7, 2013

FAKE Plate Chargers & a Glamorous Fall Brunch

You might know that a few weeks ago I found an incredible set of Sheraton dishes that I purchased to sell. But, I just couldn't bear to see them go without having used them at least one time!

So, I planned a tablescape for a beautiful brunch and eyed my Italian, tole charger that was hanging on the wall.

Well, then came this one, major "problemo" be able to set a table for four, but, "oh no" 
I would need three more!

This was the look that I was dying to achieve.

So, with no time to hunt another one down I'd just have to FAKE them!
So, into my copier my charger  then went. Oops, another "problemo" was too big for my copy machine. Well, then two copies, on cardstock, just had to be made. I cut each one in 1/2 and then taped them together and VOILA.....I did it.

Not bad for a FAKE!

This is how it looked.

A delicious blend of amethyst, white and gold set the tone for my brunch.

This is how it looked, with the centerpiece, before brunch was served. That post is here.

A few brass touches to compliment the gold.

Including my sweet, wire, brass basket to hold the croissants.

Grapes on my, new Wedgwood plate.

Old Vine is the pattern of my newest desire.

This, sweet little, ironstone tureen holds some home made jam.

With an acorn, hot glued, to accent it's top.

My grandmother's, silver plate, "turned" handled, knife served butter on this ironstone dish.

And sugar and cream in her etched crystal servers.
Ribbons and pearls add glam to the glasses.

Heirloom flatware, in silver plate....
on a napkin with pearls and a fall pick....a sight to behold!

 Even last minute details were added to the chairs.

  A few views from all sides of the room.

 Not a bad kitchen for a rental...we love it!

  Now, tell me....did you like my idea for faking a tray?

  Did you know that I FAKED it with my brown, transferware dishes once before?
 That post with those dishes is here.

And my Sheraton dishes are in this post, too.

So tell me....I'd love to hear from you!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,

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Pick of the Bunch Fabulous Features #57

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

An Amethyst Autumn Centerpiece & a Peek at the Brunch

 I needed an excuse to make a beautiful tablescape with my Sheraton dishes. They're just so-o-o perfect for fall....that post is here.

So, out of storage came our, wonderful, lazy was a handmade gift, many years ago, from a
"very special, man." 
It was a stained pine when we received it, then I painted it a country green. Last year, I gave it a makeover in ivory and hand painted the designs with white and gold. It got a bit beat up in our recent move, so I'm thinkin' about another re-do....exactly what? That remains to be decided!

 My, little, brass easel was next to be used.

   And for it I this made!

A view from the backside holds my grandmother's vintage earrings and pin.

With my glammed up candlestick of brass and crystal....the"eye candy" from that post is here, too.

 A scheme of amethyst, pearls and brass was pulled from the colors in the dishes.

A, tiny, brass, vanity tray is holding my antique sugar and creamer.

Vintage beauties!

More of my inspired colors in my, carved out, painted pumpkin....... in amethyst, pearls, amber and gold.

Overflowing with my favorites...."glamorous glam!"

A nice full view from above.

 And with of all the beautiful settings.

 Next up, I'll share the Full Tablescape for Brunch and my "FAKE"  chargers, too!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rusty, Crusty & Glam on My Cast Iron Chair

My cast iron chair need a touch of fall and of course "some glam!"

First, it got some pumpkins.

and then I gave it some glam... I love this pic, it just oozes rusty, crusty & glam!

Rusty and crusty.

My 1800's beauty!

A, country, vignette with my vintage, watering can nad mandievella vine entwined.

The white pumpkins were from last years crop...I gave them a little, rub and buff face lift this week.

A giant version, beside our lamp post, got a touch up, too!

This was it's summer look with  a potted, red mandevilla vine..both chair and vine will, soon, be coming inside for the winter. They'll be back to present a new show in the spring!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

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