Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Mantel was Craving more Fall Colors

Our beautiful, oak tree is a little more rust, this year, than it's occasional, magnificent, deep red. But, even on this gloomy, fall day it still screams..."look at me!"

I really like our white fireplace decor but, I've been craving more of the traditional, fall color scheme.

This was it's first look.

Since, I had some leftover, floral picks, from last weeks dinner party, I decided to tuck them into the existing mantel design and move a few props, from around the room, to give me that warm and cozy autumn feel.

This is how it looks, now!

My, very special, little mice!

And here's my favorite scarf in use again!
I think it needs a bed of leaves, but it's, tomorrow is another day.

Managed to spot some bittersweet right out in our driveway. I think it works, okay, as a "filler."  

Hope you like the addition of color as much as I do...I'm really happy, now!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Festive Fall Dinner Party and Decor

I got a call that my niece and her husband were coming to visit and since it had been quite a while I thought that I'd make them feel extra special.  
I knew, exactly, what I would make and now I had a table to design and a fall theme was the obvious choice.

 My favorite, brown floral dishes were the perfect ones.

 but, "oh no" I didn't have four!!!
So, with my choice set in stone and no time to get more, I came up with a plan. Since, I couldn't mix and match, with what I already had, for my table of four,  how could I create just one more?

This plate is a fake!!! 
can you guess how I completed the set?

It's a glossy, photo copy aka instant transferware.....FAKE!
The color is a wee bit off and even more in this pic, but it sure worked out great for my presentation and my photos.
My "paper plate" , in this picture, is on the left!

 Napkins reversed to the contrasting side and knotted around a beautiful, floral pick accented the plates to perfection...if I may say so myself ;)

Pine cone name tag holders were a last minute thought.

My ruby glass juice glasses turned into votive holders.
Just set inside and easy as pie!

I switched the centerpiece that was in my other fall post with a cute, little, pumpkin votive.
 $2.50 from the Goodwill!

Leaves, pine cones and raffia carry the theme into the chandelier and I just spotted bittersweet along my driveway, that I didn't even know I had...gotta get a ladder and get some to add some more interest. It's still a little "blah!"
 Dinner was delish...
never took pics, it was just too hectic! 

 An appetizer platter of crackers, cheeses and fruit kept us from starving as I cooked.

The Menu

Fresh mixed green salad w/homemade balsamic vinaigrette
Pan seared chicken in balsamic cream sauce w/apples, mushrooms and onions
(a guest post feature recipe to be shared, soon)
Fall baked sweet potatoes
Steamed asparagus w/ranch drizzle
Caramelized roasted carrots
My Carmel Apple Muffin Pie
( I will share this one, real soon, since it was a "hit!")
See you next time...I'm gonna take a much needed nap!


 Love, Hugs and Kisses

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Friday, October 19, 2012

My Genuine, No Sew, "L'il Bit Shabby" Pillow!

I love accent pillows and make them when I can, but when time, money for materials and fabric on hand are gotta make do!
So, I love to move things around a lot and when I find more than one perfect spot a replacement is needed to fill the void! 

And this chair, definitely, needed a"quick fix" to fill the spot where I stole the pillow from.
  Here it is without the pillow!  :(

 This is where I love it, now!
I made the pillow to match my ottoman.

 So, I found this pillow (not my style) @ the Goodwill for just under $2 and planned to cover it with some of the leftover fabric. Low and behold...there wasn't enough. Just a scrap barely big enough for a "bow."

So, for now, I flipped it over, wrapped the burlap scrap around it, tied it in a "raggy knot" and added a rhinestone pin.
VOILA...a totally, "No Sew Pillow" saved the day!

 My "No Sew" and "l'il bit shabby" replacement!
I know it's not a spectacular creation, but it is still really, really cute!

 In it's new spot.

  Short and sweet... it's TGIF for my hard working "honey" so, that means..."date night."
Gotta go get ready to make him "swoon!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
hmmmm...wish I had a red wig!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Favorite Fall Scarf Uses

Since I've been busy with my fall decorating and switching things up to create some new posts I've been finding an awful lot of uses for my favorite scarf. The colors just happen to work, so perfectly, with our decor!

This is me.....wearing it as it was intended and indulging in a birthday cheer.
  It was my big "six oh" celebration last winter. I'm at Radio City (see the  goodie bags?) waiting to see "my present" Lenny Kravitz!  
Yes, I still love rock and roll and my favorite scarf gets a lot of use!!!

Here it is "inside my fireplace!"
See the full decor here...

  Hanging in the entry.

With some switched out  accents...just can't make up my mind!!!

And where it usually is... hiding a fan switch and Gucci's red leash.

Accenting a basket.

Adding something extra to the front door wreath.

This was the wreath before.

Around the centerpiece in the living room.

Then I moved the front door wreath and draped the scarf over the mirror.
I love the wreath here!"

Another wreath close-up...I'm still practicing!

Draped in the kitchen chandelier.

And surrounding the kitchen centerpiece.

 Deckin' out my old black chair!
 Well, not quite sure where it's gonna stay, when I don't need it...I'm thinkin' I kinda like it on the chair, at least for now!

Now, I've got some planning to do. Company's coming and I need to make my Carmel Apple Muffin Pie. I'm gonna "wing it"....thank God they're family, I need my "taste testers" opinions before I can share the recipe with you!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
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