Monday, October 3, 2016

How to protect your blog from getting HACKED with one easy click!

( curse words)

You bet your "sweet bippy" I cursed!
This past Friday some of my faithful blog followers alerted me that they were not able to get on to my blog to see my latest post.

After several attempts, myself, I found that it was re-directing me to another "crafty" website.

I, immediately, started losing a few followers. I'm sure they thought that my site might potentially have a virus and quickly said, "goodbye!"


In a panic, I started looking around my blog for any clues that I could find as to how I could fix it.

So, if you have a blog on blogger here's how you can...

 Simply go to the settings section of your blog 
and scroll down to the HTTPS area.
 Simply change the No to a Yes with the drop down bar.

That's it, sweet and simple!

 Oh, yes, there's just one more VIP thing...
make sure that your password is ridiculously strong!
No more easy to hack passwords.
You work really hard on your blog and you don't want some inconsiderate "bleeping" hackers to re0direct it to another site.

I hope you'll share this little tip around and help out your blogging friends and maybe check out my blog before you go!

Love, Hugs & Kisses

and Gucci, too 

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