Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some "Designer Glitz!"

Well, I sure am pooped!!!
I've been going like crazy making more of s selection for my "Designer Glitz" line, in my shop, It's a little bit, shabby chic, but with a bit more glitz!

I had this little, piece of french linen around for a while now that had been sitting in this pile of odds and ends that I wanted to use. Then,  I remembered that I had this nice, old frame that needed to get freshened,  I put together some scraps to make a flower and a little bit of glitz and this is what I came up with.

Now...I love this picture but, I realize now that I am gonna have to do a re-take. That's NOT a big, shiney, white's a white, vintage porcelain knob!!!
The rusty rod just blends, way too much with the rustic wood that I have displayed it on. So, it's back to the photo shoot, I'll soon be!

This picture turned out sweet...and there's that egg again. This time I think that it looks more like what it really is, I hope!

Then, I made a french inspired, canvas pouch as something to wear or just hang off a chair or something.

Now, last but not least, is this little, Paris pillow that is now just waiting for someone to want. And in case it's you, I've got that great, little vanity bench that I posted in my very first post, Shabby Glam and Designer Glitz. It's been waiting for it's facelift for a few months now, so I think that I'll make a match!

Well, now it's time for me to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. I'll be back next time with the bench re-do.. my first  DIY for the scrappy, fabric flower and a french inspired window that I can't wait to show you, too!

Til next well and keep enjoying life!


Yes, I will do a few versions of this about you?