Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who Remember's a "Sit Upon?"

Our, No Sew, "Sit Upon's" now cushions our butts!

Missing the kids and being without a car is NOT a good combination. So, for now, I am relaxing by the pool :) and dreaming  up project ideas.... something to stimulate my creative flow!

What a gorgeous day for the pool!!!

  I've  been trying to work with things that I have in my stash and won't have to sew. (machine fix needed)
This is what I had to use.
Foam seat cushions, burlap fabric, burgundy spray paint, letter stencils... white craft paint and white, cotton, roping and hot glue(not pictured)

 This little project came into mind while sitting on our very hard, rough, brick steps.

This is how I made them.
Cut fabric to fit around your cushion as if you were making a neat little package.
(my actual neat, square cut not shown :( )

Glue the burlap edges and add rope trim and bows with hot glue...

 Ooops! Forgot to paint them first!!!

So, off came the roping so I could spray them burgandy. I re-attached the white roping and bows and stenciled our initials in white craft paint.

In my days of  being a, young, "Brownie" we made these cushions for sitting on by the campfire. Back then we made them by layering stacks of newspaper and covering them with fabric and hand stitching them easy foam inserts back then!

This is where they will be getting their use and just maybe in the Nascar Grandstand, too!
 More of our entry can be seen here and here, too!.

 When I feel ambitious, I might just make one the "old fashioned" way and embellish it with some handy, cross stitch!

Love, Hugs & Kisses,

Friday, May 24, 2013

Antique Coffee Tins & My Tole... what's it?

Here's my fun, little, post for today with my favorite, vintage,
coffee tins and little, tole, "what's it?"

 I found it @ my favorite "Goodwill" back home in N.Y. for just $1.79...I love the sweet, floral, art work.
 I have had reputable auction appraisers try and determine what it is with no luck!

There is no "lip" to have held a lid, unless that lid had one and the place where I now store the stirrers is quite narrow and wouldn't have held a spoon.
It makes a perfect "sugar bowl" with a place to hold our stirrers, 'though no one knows it's original use. 
It goes perfectly with my vintage coffee tins!

This brown one stashes our penny collection....shhhh, don't tell!

The Gillies Coffee Co. is my favorite...of  course, it's from New York!

And his is our little coffee corner.

So-o-o, tell me....what do you think it is???
If you have a guess...I'd love to hear!

Love, Hugs & Kisses,

The guesses are coming in on "Hometalk"

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Front Door Wreath... it's a l'il bit chippy!

Our wreath was calling for a new look to match the front of our new home. Since, it had acquired a worn and weathered look from being outside and I just love chippy and worn, I chose to leave it alone and just add some pretty, artificial flowers to match the color scheme of the outside of our house.

Here's a little glimpse with a little butterfly added with Pic Monkey (Royal Upgrade)

a little bit more.
 The wreath looked like this, on our mailbox, at our home in New York.
Oh, I miss our will be even bigger this year. Kristi, send me pics!
 After removing the purple and pink  flowers it looked like this.

Now, it looks like this with faux, white hydrangea, red, flowing flowers (not sure what they're supposed to be) and a white, burlap you like?
Pretty nice!

Red anthuriums make a perfect accent to our stoneware collection.

 The 1800's, cast iron, chair is in this post here.

A sweet view from the road.
 Lookin' good for the weekend!
 Happy Memorial Day, Y'all!

Love Hugs & Kisses,


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No Sew Shabby Ruffled Pillows & Keeping Busy

I'm missing my girls and grands back home and yesterday was my 1st sad day with worries about my girls and not being there for a shoulder to cry on (the phone and internet just don't cut it!) 
So, to help pass the time and not constantly worry I decided to get working on some projects.

 I have been wanting to cover our, four, couch pillows for quite some time...their color and pattern were never my style!
 This is what I ended up with....a NO SEW pillow with shabby ruffle trim.

Here they are with their rust and brown, geometric print...not my style!

So, I racked my brain on what to do.... what would be quick , cheap and easy?

Well, I had four, red, standard pillowcases, (from Dollar General for just $4), scraps of leftover linen, baker's twine, jute string, an assortment of buttons (you know I love my glam) and my favorite friend, good old, hot, here is how they went.

After, simply, slipping my pillows into the pillow cases and thinking about what I should do next,  I came across this leftover ruffle laying in my scrap pile.  It was just long enough to wrap around the front of my pillow and I had just enough fabric to make, three more, matching ruffles!

I gathered and glued my 5" wide strip and used  FRAY CHECK to keep my shabby, raw edges from raveling away, in due time.

After folding the extra length of pillow case over the back I hot glued my ruffle in place and used my baker's twine and jute to tie it and glued that in place, too....not perfect, but, just so  easy!!!

The brasstone, rhinestone button got hot glued on and added just the right, finishing touch!

It's just right, now, for our couch and décor!

I love them with my Shabby Glam Washstand one of my reader favorite posts!

On the couch.

and with "Gucci' on the love seat.

His favorite spot! 

Love, Hugs & Kisses,

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Settling into Our New Home

Well, "Hello Y'all!"
We sure have been busy bees rebuilding our "nest" and we actually managed to have it looking like home in only 2 1/2 weeks after our arrival. And we survived the ordeal of packing up a 22 ft. box truck, a 16 ft. van and my car, to the max, with the contents of our house and my two, little businesses. The help of eight, wonderful, very special people (two of whom came from 1 1/2 hours away) was what made it  all happen and we thank them all from the bottom of our hearts!
It was early morning when our "lead driver" arrived to lead us on our, long, journey south.
Here we are getting really close to our destination.
Gucci guarding the "little" truck!
After a 13 1/2 hour drive we arrived, here, at our new little home. Surrounded by a forest of tall oak, elm and pine trees and tons of blooming azaleas it was a sight that made me take a deep breath and cry! 
:( pics taken after their blooms were done.
"Gucci" sitting guard.
and laying watch!
An old, cobalt crock with some shade loving impatience...we have more of that here than sun!
 and in my little wheel barrow...can't wait to get the three big ones that we left behind :(
A collection of stoneware jugs... including a favorite one from the street where my great grandmother lived.

Starting moonflower's...hope they flourish!
Deep red mandevilla sit on an old, cast iron, family chair.
Now, peek inside...this was our entry when we first opened the door.
Now, it feels like home with some of our favorite things.

A sentimental vignette in it's new home.

Hiding the temperature control was a no brainer.

Our shabby painted ladder that used to hang on the wall.

My precious, vintage mirror.

A gold venetian, vintage tray

 "Honeyman" hung this, sweet, little chandy.

Even "Grandma's" vintage, kitten playing found a new place to play!

Well, this was my first post since we moved in and I told you, back in April, I'd have a lot of things to post about. So, keep watch, I'll be posting lots more of each room of our sweet, little cape in the south!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

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