Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cottage Frame and Mirror Inspirations....I've Got Work to Do!

A bed full of inspirational items and two projects to complete...
I've got work to do!

 I've got a great "Hollywood Regency" mirror that I've been wanting to do. So, I'm gonna do it up in a soft, white finish, distress it to show some touches of gold, add some pearls and rhinestones and make it a touch of "Shabby Glam!" 
 Then, I'll finish the adorable, vintage, cottage frame.... leave it's sweet, original paint...add some pearls, buttons and ribbons, all within the floral design. I'm thinking of adding some lace and layering it over a hand stamped, linen background. I think it will make a great a tabletop accent to display some beautiful jewelry!
What do you think about that?
Can't wait to get started, so, I guess I'd better get to work...I want to post the finished "Glam" for you in my next post!

 Til next time....Have a great day!!!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Weekend Finds and Some Cottage Pics

Sharing this "old Post" for the Anything Blue link party @  The Dedicated apologies for the poor quality pics but, this was from the very beginning of my blogging and photography days!
I hope you'll enjoy anyway :)
This was sure a hot weekend with temps here, there and everywhere in the high 90's again. I still braved the heat and dragged myself to my favorite, junkyard and barn. I think you'll see why I managed to spend over two hours there just meandering inside and out and inside and out again!
I, definitely, was on "on a mission" to find something great.
This swee-e-et, cottage, lusterware teapot was my fav of the day...another beauty that I'd like to keep since it looks right at home in my little, cottage room.

Then, there was this....

another pretty piece of cottage lusterware that fits right in!

See what I mean?

More, more, more! Some beautiful, hand painted fruit bowls.

And eight of them "to boot!"

Don't they look perfect layered with these others dishes?

This cottage lamp goes so-o-o perfectly with those same dishes and my tole tray. How am I ever gonna part with them?

Just another shot of my dresser again with it's "half view."
My room is also my storage/work space and it's not always picture ready!

I did manage to get some more great things before dashing home to jump in the pool but, since everything in this post just flows, so well, I think I'll keep this one as is and show my other treasures on  another day :)

So, 'til next time.....keep cool and do come back and visit me again!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cottage Chic Photography

I am working on becoming a photographer.
 Not a professional, just someone that can get some great shots to pass along.

And this is a beauty that I am striving to achieve!!!

It's just so crystal clear with that, slightly out of focus, blurred background and foreground that just "POPS." 
I have found plenty of great tips online but, since I'm a real "hands on" person, I'd much rather take a class so all the new info. can really sink in!

This candy dish is one of mine that I edited on "Pic Monkey" (another great photo editing site) I think it turned out pretty good. 

This "vignette" needs some work...more lighting/highlights. I need to do some editing. Time is that interfering factor!!!

Not bad....but I want that "blur!"

Not perfect yet, just pretty!

Getting there!

Nahhhh.....gotta get workin' :( 
Guess it's time for me to read up on some of those great tips I have in my "favorites." 
If you're interested and have some time, too....pull up "that chair~up there" and read it with me :)

Til next time...Good luck with your photo improving and would love to hear from you!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Last Minute July 4th Trifle is just..."Sinful!"

 This is going to be a quick, little post....mainly, because I am just too exhausted from our, weekend long, 4th of July Bash with our family and friends.
All entwined with some great stories and tons of laughs, this is how it went... 
Great food, frozen cocktails, the sun, the pool and late night t.v.....Great food, frozen cocktails, the sun, the pool and late night t.v.....Great food, frozen cocktails, the sun, the pool and late night tv!!!
Then, another memorable holiday occurs and I have no great pics to share. Unfortunately, once again my camera has failed to co-operate and the shots that I thought that I was going to post are all a bunch of "blurs." I, now have another task to add to my list...learn to use my camera!!!
Well, thankfully, I do have one great pic to share which is of the fabulously, sinful,

"Patriotic Berry Trifle" 
that I made and I just had to share the recipe with you!
  It is a "knockout!"