Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Birthday Celebration and Some Borrowed Dishes!

My daughter, Kaycie's, "28th" birthday was yesterday and it was time for a celebration!

A, last minute, dinner was decided on the morning of....and not wanting to just use my everyday dishes and being not quite ready to be done with summer, I decided to borrow these gorgeous, floral plates. They've been stacked in my guest room, waiting to be sold :)

Kaycie's "little face" was the center, of the table display, along with a "little, touch of glam!"

   "Great Grandma's" crystal and cherished utensils were a reminder that she was with us in heart!

Lighting just was not on my side, but a little "photo shop" helped...any of your photo tips would be 
immensely appreciated, here!

Family images to be cherished....FOREVER!!!

 We missed my oldest and her daughter, my #1 nights stink! :( 

 Can't believe that no more cake pics were taken...what happened to my assistant?
Oh, he was "pooped" from another long, hard day!

Happy Birthday, Kaycie Leigh!!!

Love, Hugs & Kisses,


Til my next post....
Love & Hugs to you, too! 

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Monday, August 27, 2012

A French Creation "Upscaled" from the Trash

A while ago I found this vintage, vanity tray by the side of the road!!! 
It's, drab brown, finish and glass were scratched from years of use, but it had great, cast iron handles and I could see that it still had some great potential!
Not just for serving, but for a beautiful, dresser top display. Just picture a sweet, little vase filled with   make-up brushes and some pretty, fragrance jars and bottles on top!

If only I would remember to always take before photos.... I never can wait to see it finished.

So, I decided to transform it  and give it a "french inspired" theme with a "glitzy" twist!

Hand stamped linen and vintage, themed postcards line the back. And a trio of peach "fleurs" embellish one corner to balance the pop of color from under the glass. 
A string of "designer glitz" adds the finishing touch!

Now, wouldn't you just love to make a version of your own? Oh, the endless possibilities!!!

I'll, definitely, be looking out for more of this style to make some other varieties...cottage will be first on my list maybe with some pretty blue!

Well, gotta go...gotta go...gotta go!
Today is "household day"...ya know, all of those "unfun" things that  just "have to get done."
Have a great day and hope to hear from you, soon!

Hugs and Love to You All,


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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Tribute to My Mentor

This page is dedicated to the beautiful, sweet, soul who is centered in my header photo, my dear, sweet, Grandma Bea!
What an amazing inspiration she was to me and to all those who knew her. It was her passion for decorating that I grew up admiring of her many, beautiful homes and holiday tablescapes. She impressed me, so incredibly, beginning as early as a young child. 
I was always mesmerized with the beauty of her feminine touches throughout her very Victorian home. Visiting her was such a delight  for as young as I can remember. 
Her "boudoir" was, so incredibly, romantic with her vanity covered with beautiful collections of pin cushions, crystal fragrance bottles and gorgeous, crystal, candle holders with prisms that all sparkled in the sunlight. Those dangling prisms were always, so, tempting to play with, but I quickly learned to obey her rules of... 
"Janet... you can look, but just don't touch!"
Victorian decor and glass, of vintage amethyst, were among her many passions. "Reflective purples" filled her shelves and mahogany decor, with doilies made by her mother, and gifts from so many of her loved ones and dear friends. That same amythyst color, so often, draped her delicate frame and was, almost always, made by hand at her sweet, little, green sewing machine.
 Elegant dinnerware, beautiful, lace tablecloths, polished silver and  shining crystal were the main attractions, to the festive occasions, of dining at her home. Her table was always centered with a "runner" of mirrored glass to feature the reflections of flickering candles, floral bouquets, seasonal decorations and birthday cakes, all of which kept me still in my seat as I dined.
Her talent for decor was, also, expressed in the way that she was able to give at least one room a "masculine" touch, as well. Grandpa's study was given the perfect finish with his mahogany decor and bookcases filled with his hard covers and collections all arranged just so.... all, so manly, for his peaceful retreat... to study and prepare for his weekly sermons to "GOD!"

Her, self written, daily prayer

 I dedicated my blog to her as a "thank you" for being such an inspiration to me.... I do believe that she was the one who gave me my desire for making things "look pretty" just as she always had.
I hope that I am, now, making her proud....I know she is watching over me in heaven!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Down Home Country Pickin'

 Sunday's country pickin's sure were great!

Now, I have many local, favorite places to shop and they're all in the area where I was born, raised and currently the beautiful, Hudson Valley, N.Y. (google it and see!) About a two hour drive, north of N.Y.C; amidst beautiful wineries, gorgeous, historic sites, fabulous countrysides and river views is where you'll find tons of places to go antiquing. With everything from huge, flea markets, auction halls, antique centers, antique barns and overflowing junkyards.

But, here's where I headed on my mission, today...
The best salvage yard around!!!

The Bottle Shop

2552 Route 44, Millbrook, NY
(845) 677-3638 

 Now, this is "Kevin," my old pickin' friend ;)
And his barn is just brimmin' with great things to "pick."
A picture speaks a thousand words...well, maybe not..there's a lot of ground to "uncover!"
And  a lot of digging, I did! 

Starting on the outside, there's old windows, shutters and tons of old doors... cast iron, metal and tin of all kinds...wood columns, some gates, crusty mantles, old glassware and more.

There' a backyard, not pictured, that's filled with more great finds.

Then inside the door with rooms through and through... to meander and sift... you'll get real dirty, too!
There's lighting and books, silver mixed with's just all jumbled up.

More nooks and more crannies...

and "bottles galore"...that fill up more spaces in Kevin's great store!

And when browsing you'll hear his "box" playin' tunes...some great ones and oldies that will keep you in the "pickin' mood!"

There are rooms for the "boys" with their kind of things...from fittings for plumbing to hardware and tool things.

So, here, in the land of rust and gold, is where I had my mind set on finding a great, old wooden door...
one to use for my photo props....and this is where I "scored."  

 There she was, my cherished, pick of the day... looking so grungy and old, yet.... "oh, so pretty!!!" 

This old, "cottage blue" door just had to be mine!

                             Not only did she still have her vintage hardware intact...

                                    but, when I turned her around....

  This was her "back!"

Now, isn't that a door just made for double duty? One side, so versatile, for my cottage themes and french style and one, so perfect, for my "Shabby Glam" and "Designer Glitz" and another side perfect for good old country.
And the nicest part of all was that Kevin was gracious enough to load it in my trunk and tie it up safely for the ride to it's new home!

 Some great extra goodies that were just my style!

Gotta go back for this little beauty! sure to save it for me!!!

Then just when I thought my shopping was, was yet, another addition to my "Sunday Pickin'" fun!

Oh-h-h, am I ever gonna have fun with this one...."Shabby Glam" here she comes!!!

Now,  if someday in your travels this shop should you go... please, tell Kevin or Linda
'twas me that sent you/ Janet aka JP/ you know :)

another great link to Kevin's great barn... article

Til next time, with some photo shoots and the washstand's happy, stay healthy and have fun!