Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Uplifting Message of Love

"Grandma Bea"

born, Beatrice Lillian Knuckey/Farnum,
  in Vandling, Pa; May 22, 1898 and joined our Lord in Heaven August 4, 1998


 This is and will, forever, be my "timeline photo" on my personal, Facebook page!
 She touched the lives of all of those who remembered her. 
A delicate, frail, deeply "spiritual" woman she was... always managing to overcome afflictions and hospital visits and still always "pulling through!"
 I believe she was given the gift of her, very long, life because she lived her life so simply...not vain or dripping in gold, just plain, simple, caring and selfless...that was just her. 
With her bible as her guide, yet, never quoting or preaching, she was completely content with her prayers and her writings to the "Lord."
 She left deep impressions in the hearts of all who knew her, which is why this post is being written.

The following message was one that was sent to me by someone, "very special!"  A relative, by marriage, not blood...but, still calls me "Aunt"...and who was deeply impacted with the gift of knowing my Grandma Bea. Sandy, my niece, with her "own heart of gold" and her father very ill took the time to write this most heartfelt message to me:

Oh, my gosh, Aunt Janet, these pictures sure bring back memories!!! Grandma Bea was one of my favorite, most precious, people in all of the world. She is still a role model for me and always will be. What a precious woman of God- I'm just jumping on to thank you so for your kind thoughts and wishes for dad. No one knows people like those who have spent time growing up with them... I guess I mean to say that children know their parents better than anyone because they are vulnerable and have to rely on their parents to truly love them and care for them. I can honestly say that, for the first twenty years of my life, I had a dad that was so dedicated and kind to me, and truly seemed to ALWAYS have my best interests at heart.  He is imperfect like all of us, but somehow God made him so perfect for me. In other words he was the PERFECT dad for me!!! You and your precious loved ones are always in my prayers and I'm so grateful for you. You have to be one of the sweetest, kindest, most open people I know. Love and prayers for you always, with so much love and appreciation, Sandy

 A message that will be cherished, by me forever.....from someone who really made my night...thank you, "Sweet Sandy" and may "God Bless," you and your family, too!!!

Love Always,
Aunt Janet

My guiding light, in heaven, and in my heart you will always be...."Forever Young!"

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