Monday, August 27, 2012

A French Creation "Upscaled" from the Trash

A while ago I found this vintage, vanity tray by the side of the road!!! 
It's, drab brown, finish and glass were scratched from years of use, but it had great, cast iron handles and I could see that it still had some great potential!
Not just for serving, but for a beautiful, dresser top display. Just picture a sweet, little vase filled with   make-up brushes and some pretty, fragrance jars and bottles on top!

If only I would remember to always take before photos.... I never can wait to see it finished.

So, I decided to transform it  and give it a "french inspired" theme with a "glitzy" twist!

Hand stamped linen and vintage, themed postcards line the back. And a trio of peach "fleurs" embellish one corner to balance the pop of color from under the glass. 
A string of "designer glitz" adds the finishing touch!

Now, wouldn't you just love to make a version of your own? Oh, the endless possibilities!!!

I'll, definitely, be looking out for more of this style to make some other varieties...cottage will be first on my list maybe with some pretty blue!

Well, gotta go...gotta go...gotta go!
Today is "household day"...ya know, all of those "unfun" things that  just "have to get done."
Have a great day and hope to hear from you, soon!

Hugs and Love to You All,


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Anonymous said...

love this tray!!!! -k.e.