Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My "Shabby Glam" Mirror, Vintage Cottage Frame and a "Sneak Peek"

So, I know that you have been waiting, patiently, for the results of my last post, my mirror and vintage, cottage frame and I apologize for the delay. My plans for the mirror is what's holding me up! 
It's just that the ideas that I had, have now grown into a fully detailed design. It's in the works but, since there will be tons of hand adorned details and finishing tasks it's gonna take me much longer than I had planned. There's sanding, spray painting, hand painting, hand applying many, many crystals, gems,  rhinestones and ribbon.

So, for now, here are some pics of the finished cottage frame and then a few "sneak peeks" of the mirror.... which, unfortunately, you'll have to come back at another time to see!

Here is the cottage frame turned "Shabby Glam," jewelry memo board

You like?

Here is "Miss Emma"

She is such a sweet match!

Here is the frame before

And a few "peeks"!

The works in progress

And so now,  start imagining a "Shabby Glam," Beach Cottage, finished product and I'm planning another spectacular, mirrored addition that will be making it's debut, too!

Here are some of the things that I am thinking of using.

Hope you're getting  excited and if you are, let me know :)

So, once again, 'til next time.....Have another great day!


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