Sunday, August 25, 2013

19th Century Mirror with a Shabby Glam Twist

Did some of you see the "sneak peek" of my mirror on my Facebook page the other day?

Do you like the finish on it's chippy, gesso frame? Layers of gold, teal and white and finished with a soft paste wax.

So, today, I finished it and took it "on location" for a photo shoot!

Of course I forgot to take a pic of it before :(  
but, here it is after.

  I'm not the best photographer, but I did have fun with the beautiful trees and back ground at our, private, fishing pier. It's a nice walk from our house on the Lockwood Folly River.

 And what a gorgeous day for photographing it was!

With huge, live oak, trees so majestic and old!

And smaller beauties, too.

Even this dead, old tree has photographic appeal.

A white, silk rose with an exquisite, vintage, rhinestone and pearl pin.....
he perfect "Shabby Glam" touch!

 Besides finishing this frame today, I completed a bunch of painting
 projects. I need a lot to bring with me to my Southport shop space, next weekend. 
Here are a few, cell phone, pics from last night's visit there w/my daughter and my honeyman...we are so in love with this quaint, little town!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
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Friday, August 23, 2013

My "Free" Crusty Chippy Old Chair

I think I lucked out today...I do, anyway!

So, I was out and about, today, looking for some vintage, wire, desk baskets. I want some for a new, primitive cupboard that I am working on. And, although I didn't find what I set out for, I did "score" with my Free, Crusty, Chippy, Old Chair!

 Now, for sure, that wonderful (NOT) top layer of crusty, chippy, old paint is yucky, old, lead paint. And that's not good for indoor use or even sitting on... it's flaky finish just gets all over your clothes.

Chippy, crusty, peeling, flaky old chair.

  But, it could still be used to display a beautiful plant on a farmhouse porch...which, sadly, I do not have! just doesn't fit right, here :(

It looks wonderful displaying my herbs!
  I was thinking of taking the time to gently sand it off the wood frame and pick it off the woven seat. But, there is really not enough left of the original, green paint to make it worth the effort....don't you agree?

And so, that's how off to the shop it will go. A fair price is next to determine...what would you say it should be priced at?

Gotta get started on my cupboard project, then I'll be back with it's unveiling in my next post!

Til then...
Love, Hugs & Kisses,


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Visiting Southport,  N.C? stop by my booth @ the Northrop Antiques Mall

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Rolling Pin Display Recipe Holder

You probably have been wondering where I have been and what I have been up to since I haven't been posting as much as before our move, right?
Well, I've been enjoying the sun, the beach and the pool with my daughter, who recently moved down here, too. And one day, while I was showing her around "Southport" the gorgeous town where they filmed the movie "Safe Haven" we happened upon the filming of Under the Dome, my new favorite t.v. series on CBS on Monday nights. Well, to make a long story short we found out how to become extras and have started a new side "gig." We've had a few scenes in that and also in an HBO series called Eastbound and Down. We are now, waiting anxiously to be included in the filming of Sleepy Hollow and Christmas in Conway. Our area is, now known as, the East Coast L.A. and filming has become a year 'round thing. So, stay tuned and I'll keep you posted for show times....if you should care to try and catch a glimpse of me or the back of my head ;) LOL!
Now, on with the real reason for my post...
I've been pretty busy hunting down and gathering items to bring into my shop space. Since, I'll be adding a few rustic, country kitchen pieces and have a few vintage rolling pins to put up for sale, I decided to do something a bit fun to one.  
I decoupaged on some kitchen measures for a fun touch.
Wrapped and knotted some cotton, clothesline rope for hanging on the wall or from a cabinet knob and attached a recipe's a convenient place to keep them handy while you cook!
I had my "honey" drill and screw on the special knobs...
which are perfect to hang cookie cutters, measuring spoons and such.
So, do you like how it turned out? I do...I really, really, do!
Here's an easy peasy version!

And how I love it in my kitchen!
If you missed it you can see my memo board post here.
 Now, I just hope that I can sell some!!!
Love, Hugs and Kisses,
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