Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas 2017 decorating is done

Our Christmas 2017 decorations are finally done. I got a later start this year since we made a trip back home to New York for Thanksgiving with family. Always so happy to get back to visit and feel the love!

The first thing that I started with the year was our bay window in our dining area and my old wheelbarrow made it's show once again.

 Here it is at night.

  I tried really hard to keep the theme on the simple side with only a few extra additions.

The antique scale and dry goods measure filled with mini pomegranates and cinnomon sticks created a little hanging vignette on one side.
 The white lantern and tiny snowy owl were on our mantel last year and hang in the window, to the left, flanking the wheelbarrow below.

It's so pretty by night!

Baby owl is so darn cute!

A Better Homes and Gardens tablecloth makes a window skirt for the wheelbarrow vignette.

Red, white and black just makes me so happy!

I forgot to light the candles for this pic....and then

by the magic of photo editing with "pic monkey" voila!

 Last minute epsom salt snow was added to the red transferware cup and creamer.

Two more owls sit on the valance with a braided jute swag of pomegranates and cinnamon sticks that were on the mantel last year, too.

Just when I thought that I finalized all of my decorating something made me want to make a little change. I felt that my red cardinal needed to be in with the living room decor with his other feathered friends.

That allowed for the two owls that were perched on the valance to come down to where they'd be better seen. So, the little one decided to perch on a cinnamon stick in the rusty scale.

The large one nested where he should have been all along!

They look so much so-o-o much better, now!

This year I removed the shades from the chandelier to show off some edison bulbs for a different look.

You can print out these tags if you'd like them, too!

 This was my first centerpiece on the lazy susan...

until I decided to switch to popcorn and cranberries...it needed something white to make it "pop!"

Now onto some Holiday touches sround the room. with a little touch of Christmas on top of our antique country cupboard.

Wee little grain sack stockings hang from each end of the window valance.

A sunny morning, in the 70's,  here in December made this a welcoming place to enjoy.

My mother's Christmas bell from the 50's is, oh so, cherished and is displayed in our old corner cupboard among a collection of  vintage white ironstone.

My treasured corn husk angel was a gift from my Kristi Marie and is another item that always has to be displayed.

The faux chalkboard window that I made a few years ago is decked out for the Holiday, too!

My jp clay snowmen always make their way into the decor for Christmas and stay throughout the winter.

Another year, another Christmas window is done....I'll be back in a few days to share more of this year's decor with you.
 Love, Hugs, and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!


kathi said...

Everything is soooooooooo beautiful,especially like those red & white cups with candles,simple but so pretty.Great job and thanks for sharing.

Nancy On The Home Front said...

Love, love, love your decorations! So pretty!

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

Just beautiful! I love the owls... so cute. Great job editing the frameless photo!

Cindy Lou said...

Really cute !! Love the owls and your dog too !!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

So very beautiful!...I am such a fan of those cute owls and love how you adorned that hanging scale....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!