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Hi, I'm Janet aka JP
I'm a passionate decorator who was born and raised in, Dutchess County, New York in the picturesque Hudson Valley where memories of my life are filled with images of it's beauty.
I was married at the young age of 16 and became a "proud" mother just seven months after! 
My life revolved around being a wife and a mother to four beautiful miracles of life and that path I will never regret!
A career in creative arts and design is something I wish that I knew I had talents for. I  believe that being undiagnosed with ADD, truly, affected my ability to learn, for that has never come easy to me and memories of schooling still haunt me. I am a visual learner and hands on is the best way for retention of things I must learn. Reading and listening make my mind wander, I'm easily distracted. I very often find if I don't make a note I will have forgotten my, just thought of, thoughts...thank God for "Alexa," today!!!
 I come from a family of artists, poets and writer's from my father's side and I never realized that their talents were passed on to me until way too late in life.
If only I had known that this path, I am now on, was my destiny... I may have had a long career in this very rewarding field.
 My grandmother's talent for sewing, entertaining and décor was, most definitely, the reason I am obsessed with color, juxtaposition, creating and decorating today. Visions of her home and family affairs at her fanciful tables are still, so, vivid in my mind.
More of my mentor and my dedication to her, the beautiful woman in my header, and a post for her here.
A Tribute To My Mentor

Almost 8 years ago, already, my husband and I moved to beautiful Sunset Beach, N.C. and live in a modest little patio home that we have been busy, slowly, making little changes here and there to make it our own. It defintitely has a farmhouse touch, rather than the common beach theme down this way. Too many years of hand me downs, collecting antiques and vintage pieces and my never ending love of the country/farmhouse style have taken priority in our homes decor.

I'm cheap when it comes to decorating, so I hunt wherever I can for a bargain or make my own versions of something I love, but won't spend the money on...or I just make unique creations of my own. It's my never ending life as an obsessed decorator!
So, if you like what you've seen and want to see more, please, follow by e-mail on my FB page, Instagram or Twitter to get in touch and to follow my posts and little things in-between.

"Sweet Inspirations"
JP designs


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Meris said...

I was very moved by your history due to my own late discovery and treatment of ADHD at age 62. It was a relief to finally find out what interferences this created in my life. I noticed you called it ADD and I did too because I don't fidget and act hyper. Interestingly, all people have ADHD because it is our brains that race around like mad. I also write everything down, etc., as you mentioned. I would have loved a creative life but never thought I was original. I have always loved copying or doing knock offs of expensive items; when I discover blogs with tutorials I was in DIY heaven. Sorry you are having to part with all your loving hard work to move. Loved your pillow idea - I'm going to do some as quickly as I can find the time. Soon! Thank you I hope we can keep in touch. Meris