Saturday, December 5, 2020

Chickadees and a Tablescape in Black & White

I made another simple tablescape with a simplified look for the season. I used our cute little chickadees again....they're just so darn adorable. Did you see them last week when they were all over my 

Christmas tablescape

They're even in my corner hutch and in our Christmas tree again this year.  I'll be sharing that post, next week, and our Fireplace and mantel, too.

 This chubby chickadee pair are the parents... I made another new centerpiece for our everyday dining room table. I just switched up a few things from the way it was before.

The smell of evergeen is amazing, between the freshly cut cedar and the balsam and cedar votive, it's just so Christmasey and delightful!

Wooden cranberry beads, faux pomegranates, and a few snowy pinecones fill inside the cedar filled tobacco basket centerpiece.

 Little baby chickadees sit a top each one of the hyacyinth napkin rings. They're the perfect compliment to the black and white color scheme going on.

The wooden riser that we made is my favorite addition to our's replaced our huge lazy susan for a while. 

This will be our everyday look until I get around to sharing another tablescape with you. I have a really gorgeous, winter white, formal one planned!

Til Next Time...enjoy your Holiday preparations, as simple as they may be this year. We're all disappointed that our celebrations just won't be the same, but we need to keep our spirits up and surround ourselves with things that make us smile.

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Unknown said...

It's like a gift when I open YOUR blog pictures!! This is pretty, simple and just adorable! Ralph and Gucci are lucky guys!!