Monday, June 19, 2017

An almost summer birthday dinner...Surprise!!!

An almost summer birthday dinner for my Tanya!
 The celebration took place out on our enclosed porch.

 Daisies were the perfect addition to the toolbox tote centerpiece...

especially because they are her favorites!

Teal blue and green was the color scheme that worked well with the surroundings and satisfied my color OCD.

It had a summer, southern country touch.

We made her a delicious dinner...sushi, crab rangoons and spring rolls were the starters.
Shrimp with lobster sauce, orange chicken and garlic sauteed green beans were the main course.

We kind of overate!

And played some games into the night and were able to appreciate the lights in our terrarium.

 As always, we wished her a Happy, Happy Birthday!

and then said..... "SURPRISE, the place settings are yours to keep!"
Of course it ended with cake, but first there was time for an Insta and a Snap!

 Love, Hugs, and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!

Friday, May 19, 2017

A Forgotten Tablescape with Daisies

I thought maybe you might like to see this, long forgotten post, from the summer of 2013 when we first moved into our new home in N.C.   
 I can't believe that I forgot to share it with you!

We met a wonderful couple when we first moved into our North Carolina home. Mike and Eileen were the first ones to welcome us, to our new neighborhood, with open arms. A thoughtful bottle of wine with an immediate invite to come over to sit on their porch and see their gorgeous inlet view. 

An immediate friendship was made and a hospitality payback was due! 

 Daisies were the featured highlight, on the table, for our evening of getting acquainted.

My favorite, red and white, tablecloth from Country Living and daisy napkin rings were the inspiration for the beginning of summer tablescape.

  A trio of white ironstone pitchers held daisy and hydrangea bouquets.

 The daylight pics were really pretty.
 I so wish that I had taken some by the gorgeous candlelight!

A single, vintage, candlestick adorned with jute and twine complimented the centerpiece display.

Four, ivory damask, place mats (just $3 from the Salvation Army) added another layer to the place settings with daisy napkin rings.

Another $3 find...three sets of vintage, silver plate, salt and pepper shakers in a tiny, one inch, size.

"Grandma's," silver plate, flatware came out to show off their splendor...

as did her sparkling crystal.

 I see a lot of changes in the room since we first moved in.

 A collection of brown transferware in my wheelbarrow was my simplest bay window display that I've done.

 "Chef Ralph," you know him as my honey, made us his "to die for" chicken Francese. He makes it with sherry and little, secret's always a tender, juicy, mouth-watering hit!

The meal was a success and a bond was made, that keeps us close, with our dear, sweet friends to this day!

 Love, Hugs, and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Springified Front Door Wreath for Free

Being the thrifty decorator that I am, I prefer things that are free...don't you?
With all of the gorgeous pre-spring weather that we are having I, desperately, wanted to "springify" our front door and do it with what I had already around the house.
 So, an old frame, a chippy white grapevine wreath, a few hydrangeas and a teenie li'l basket came together to make our new wreath for FREE!

and sure I'd love to go out to my favorite place in the world, Hobby Lobby, and buy some new flowers and start from scratch, but I'd rather save for other important things.....we've got grandbaby #7 on the way just about any day!

I got lucky when I spotted this old rustic frame just sitting in my craft room. The wreath was a bit too small for the door and it needed to be just a tad bigger.

I was worried that it was going to be too small for the wreath, but the overlapping turned out to be just perfect.

I've displayed our sweet, little, love birds ( year 'round) many, many times before....
each time as cute as can be.

I love, love love it!

In case you missed it, just after Valentine's day, I re-did our bay window with a breath of spring. You can hop over and see it here.

I've been on a roll and the living room is done, so I'll be back next week to share that with you, too.

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I think I have spring fever!

Winter is over in our house as soon as Valentine's day passes. That means that our kitchen window is the first area to get a fresh look of spring.

This special magnet is always hanging somewhere around for me to see. 
It's a gift, from my daughter Shaine, that always manages to be a part of the window design every spring and summer.

It's center stage for this years spring look.

Perennial candytuft wrapped in burlap will get planted in the ground outside next month. For now, we'll enjoy the early blossoms indoors.

This faux creeping jenny wreath was a $2 Goodwill steal that's gotten lots of uses all around the house.

Since we moved here these are some past looks...I'm not sure which one is my fav... will you click on the links and help me decide?

Hi ho, hi's off to re-do the mantel I will go!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!

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