Monday, August 6, 2012

"Peek a Boo" and "Gucci", too!

Hello Guys!

I'm back to let you in on the progress of one of the mirrors that I showed you in my last post. I know I showed you some pics with some of the inspirations that I intended to use, but, things just don't always go as planned and hopefully, that's because they turn out better!

 With teal being the new color for fall and beach cottage decor becoming more popular in interior decor these days, I decided to go with an ocean, teal blue frame. I started with a basic, vintage find that I sanded, primed and applied several layers of paint to with a crackle coat in between. A little, light sanding, an antique coat and a sealer was the start. Then came the addition of that beautiful, silk rose, a touch of shabby, white burlap and lots of bling, bling, bling!

A few nice, tight shots of the finish and the gems.

One, cute pic, outside with it almost done next to my "Little Prince" ..... Prince, Oliver "Gucci," that is!

And one more, in better lighting, by the door.

Now, tomorrow it's off to the glass shop I'll go....I'll be picking up the mirror and the glass to complete this beautiful mirror.
It's gonna be one heck of a, one of a kind, piece of "Shabby Glam" with a real primitive finishing touch
So, don't forget to check back in...tomorrow will be the "unveiling" of it in all it's glory!!!

Til, tomorrow...have a great night,

JP & Gucci

The "reveal" post here:


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That's beautiful, Janet! Great color and I love the bling you added. Especially the flower in the corner!

JP said...

Thanks Kathy! I will be posting the finished product later tonight. Your feedback would be appreciated, it is going to be an original!