Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Who Remember's a "Sit Upon?"

Our, No Sew, "Sit Upon's" now cushions our butts!

Missing the kids and being without a car is NOT a good combination. So, for now, I am relaxing by the pool :) and dreaming  up project ideas.... something to stimulate my creative flow!

What a gorgeous day for the pool!!!

  I've  been trying to work with things that I have in my stash and won't have to sew. (machine fix needed)
This is what I had to use.
Foam seat cushions, burlap fabric, burgundy spray paint, letter stencils... white craft paint and white, cotton, roping and hot glue(not pictured)

 This little project came into mind while sitting on our very hard, rough, brick steps.

This is how I made them.
Cut fabric to fit around your cushion as if you were making a neat little package.
(my actual neat, square cut not shown :( )

Glue the burlap edges and add rope trim and bows with hot glue...

 Ooops! Forgot to paint them first!!!

So, off came the roping so I could spray them burgandy. I re-attached the white roping and bows and stenciled our initials in white craft paint.

In my days of  being a, young, "Brownie" we made these cushions for sitting on by the campfire. Back then we made them by layering stacks of newspaper and covering them with fabric and hand stitching them easy foam inserts back then!

This is where they will be getting their use and just maybe in the Nascar Grandstand, too!
 More of our entry can be seen here and here, too!.

 When I feel ambitious, I might just make one the "old fashioned" way and embellish it with some handy, cross stitch!

Love, Hugs & Kisses,


Scribbler said...

Thanks so much for your comment and for following -- I am now following back.

I love your gorgeous pool -- I think it is bigger than my entire back yard!

I was a Scout, too, but I don't remember making a sit upon. The foam seems more comfortable than newspapers LOL

JP said...

Oh, my I WISH that was my is actually our neighborhood's community pool and clubhouse! Thanks for following and keep in touch...want to see more of your pergola!

free style creating by Villy said...

great project!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Lovely JP. The project is so pretty and easy. I was working on my sewing machine today with my Mother...Enjoy your week! xo Linda

Crafts a la Mode said...

Hi, JP, I don't understand why you have trouble commenting. I'm just glad you can now. :) I've been wondering how you are down there in the South! Hmm.. Yes, a good way to stave off boredom and try to forget about not being with the kids is CRAFTS. Your house is so beautiful. It looks like it is all put together and you don't need to do anything. I love the cushions. I just did something similar with some old pillows by wrapping them with fabric and hot gluing them together. Hey, we can sew but glue is faster. ha ha
So glad to hear from you. Linda

Crafts a la Mode said...

oh, the pooooollll. WOW. Well, that is not only beautiful but great exercise. Linda

Debbiedoos said...

Oh my gosh how cute...yes I remember these, and need one now LOL...great idea!