Friday, May 24, 2013

Antique Coffee Tins & My Tole... what's it?

Here's my fun, little, post for today with my favorite, vintage,
coffee tins and little, tole, "what's it?"

 I found it @ my favorite "Goodwill" back home in N.Y. for just $1.79...I love the sweet, floral, art work.
 I have had reputable auction appraisers try and determine what it is with no luck!

There is no "lip" to have held a lid, unless that lid had one and the place where I now store the stirrers is quite narrow and wouldn't have held a spoon.
It makes a perfect "sugar bowl" with a place to hold our stirrers, 'though no one knows it's original use. 
It goes perfectly with my vintage coffee tins!

This brown one stashes our penny collection....shhhh, don't tell!

The Gillies Coffee Co. is my favorite...of  course, it's from New York!

And his is our little coffee corner.

So-o-o, tell me....what do you think it is???
If you have a guess...I'd love to hear!

Love, Hugs & Kisses,

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Unknown said...

I don't exactly know what it is either Janet, but I sure do love your collections of tins :)

xo, Tanya

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

Gosh I love old tole painted things. What a great collection you have! Of course now I'm dying with curiosity. I hope someone knows what they are!! ~Angela~

Debbiedoos said...

These are awesome, I love antique coffee tins. I don't see them very often though..yours are so pretty. I think that may be a sugar cube bowl and the little spoons or forks go on the lip..not sure.

JP said...

It appears that it is, more than likely, a shaving mug!