Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Our Springified Mantel!

Daylight savings is always such an exhilarating time of year when we get to turn the clocks ahead and see more sunlight in our day. When that happens I know that it's definitely time to make new changes around the house.
This is how I "springified" our mantel and fireplace.
A trio of wire trellises, decked out for spring, takes center stage above the mantel.  

A simple spring wreath in green is the focal point with a collection of vintage bottles holding  blossom sprigs.  

One bottle got an accent with heavy brown jute and a wee bit of moss.

Another got a single butterfly attached with hot glue.

Not too much going on...just enough.

An antique woven basket and a worn old green book added something simple for the seasonal look.

A few things antique and a vintage floral book.

 I wrapped the whole mantel with three strands of the heavy brown jute and a rag ribbon accent with a flower that hangs like a swag. I stole it from a pillow that I made for our sofa last spring and just added the white ribbon to tie it all in.

Then I added more interest by tying on some jute strands, too.
I've been dressing up this wooden pedestal for a's been adorned with burlap and a rhinestone pin, rhinestone trim this past Christmas and now with more heavy jute cording just haphazardly wrapped for a casual, rustic look.
The child's brown suitcase made an interesting filler in between the pedestal and the metal florist container.    
Spring branches with dried moss filler and a bird fit inside.

My small vintage trunk creates the perfect balance with the birds on top.

 The same theme is continued all around the room. 

If you want to see more than you'll have to stay tuned!

The trellises held herbs in our bay window last year, if you didn't see that you can have a look back here.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring is Sprouting in Our Window

Spring fever really hit me hard last week and everything winter and Valentine's day related got put away.
The first to get a re-do was our bay window in the kitchen.  We've been in our house for almost three years and I think that it's seen over a dozen seasonal and holiday looks. 
What a fun spot it is to decorate.

So, here it is this year with an assortment of seedlings, spring cuttings and a few house's the sunniest part of our house.

And at times the hardest to photograph!

An old toolbox tote is now a perfect container for my zinnia seedlings. I perched it on top of a little stool to add some height and raise it above the other two wooden boxes that are on each side.

Moon flowers were planted first and are already showing some bright green leaves.

Bird votives perch in a few choice places where we can light turn them on and enjoy them in the evening.

No-o-o my zinnia's are not already blooming.....I tried my hand at painting a few like ones that have been shared on Pinterest.

 I left my pine cones whole since I found it really, really hard to cut them.

Zinnia's make such nice long lasting cut flowers. I'm excited to see how many I'll get this summer to fill bottles and jars all around the house.

I added color coded coffee stirrers, to each pot, to easily identify the colors of the plants.

My African violets are back where they are happiest...

with a few basil plants started in between.

Faux spring branches and vinca cuttings, from the yard, fill a jar and give some height on the left. Our neighborhood has some beautiful pear trees that I wanted to cut a few branches from and watch them bloom indoors. I didn't dare risk getting caught!

Soon our yard, in back and out front, will be blooming with amazing azaleas.
It's such a gorgeous sight for a few weeks in April although I see some pink buds already popping way ahead of schedule!

 A hanging vignette holding a few things of spring.

This sentimental plaque has seen many seasons on the outside....this year I brought it in.

I made a centerpiece, in farmhouse style, for our kitchen table.

A pot with basil plantings sits waiting on a stool for some daily sun.
 The chandy got a spring touch to it, too.
 I've got lots more seeds to get started....cosmos, cleome and some lettuce, too!

Here's a little glimpse of what's on our mantel making it look like spring. It's a cute little swag of ribbons, fabric and string!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!


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Monday, February 8, 2016

A Romantic Celebration of Love & Life

I always "Love" to impress my honey for Valentine's Day with a beautiful, romantic tablescape and a delicious dinner that I make for him at home. 
This year is no different as far as trying to impress's just much more sentimental since his recent surgeries after his heart attack and small stroke.
The most important thing in this world is having my soulmate, who loves me like no other, to hold me at night and wake up next to me  for the rest of my life!
This very sentimental love quote is so perfect for us...Chip Gaines, from Fixer Upper, read it to his wife Joanna, for their anniversary on an episode that I recently watched.
I just had to use it!

 I made a cover up to put on the ice bucket.
One for the front

and another, by me, for the back. 
 Here's a peek of this year's romantic tablescape in black, white and red and rose petals, too.

 Layers of textures and patterns make the most eye catching place settings to me. This one began with a black and white checkered table cover...the design that's been making it's way into our kitchen decor. 
A "place mat" of rose petals, in red,and the shape of a heart just speaks of the occasion.
A trio of plates with different designs and heirloom flatware tied with love stamped satin ribbon
 all sit attractively on top.

This is a little look down from above

 and a few views from straight on.

Accents of some kind usually end up on the chairs 
as did these pillow case roses, a satin adorned, version
from last year's evening of romance & love
The votive candlescape centerpiece is a sight to behold

especially when lit for the evening's ambiance.

A small ironstone compote holds a red pillar candle with fresh red roses and a white satin ribbon to finish it off.
Conversation hearts, of a non-edible kind, will be waiting to play a fun Valentine love game!
I'm hoping to make some more to add to our selections to get a bit more risque ;) 
It's fun to add occasional fun touches to the chandelier, too

 with more handmade creations
and store bought ones, too.
For more heart inspirations this post, on my first salt dough creations, is here
Honey always asks to take me out to some place special....I just always prefer to enjoy things like this and the intimacy of home!
 Wishing you all the most special time celebrating with the love of your life.... I'm off to plan the meal!