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A Very Romantic Gathering for 30 Lover's on Valentine's Day

Warning: this is going to be a really long and picture, grab a cup of your, favorite, hot beverage, sit back and enjoy this post. It's a post of our 2014 Valentine's Day dinner, for thirty lover's, in our communities clubhouse!

The invitation for the community looked like this.

It was designed to give a hint at what was in store.

  Our social committee got together to help make some of the decor for the night. The budget for the decor was $150 and I wanted the room to make a huge impression. That meant making  a lot of the decor to save money. So, we hot glued hundreds of red, rose petals to filament string to hang from the windows and doors and a few of the chairs. I made and loaned the votives, rose centerpieces, blingy napkin rings, the large heart ornament wreath and over sized card decoration that you will see in this post....all to add a bit more "specialness" for the night.

Red, black and white was the color scheme with 2,000, red silk, rose petals on the tables and around the room.

A whole lot of time and planning goes into pulling together a theme in a room this size with a lot of little details to work out. I can see why the pro's get paid so much!

The room's support column was wrapped with white tulle from my stash and adorned with romantic poems from a few dollar store books.

The feathers and clips were left over from my daughter's wedding and attached to the tulle with more petals tucked inside. Each guest then had a poem to chose as a little memento.

This was the heart wreath that I made. 55, shiny, red ornaments got hot glued to a  foam board form that I made for it's base.  

I covered the form with red, burlap ribbon that I had on hand.

  Silver glitter combined with a mix of "diamond dust" added the perfect "rhinestone" glam to the heart accent on the top.

This was my inspiration...

It's a part of a vignette on a dresser in our upstairs hallway.

 It's my favorite heart pin that's also been in a few older posts.

  Pictures were covered with black tissue and lace paper hearts. The heart wreath was strung from a white tulle, ribbon bow it created just the impact that I hoped it would!

The room by day looked really, really pretty.

We disguised the bookcases with black, plastic table covers, to look like this.

I found an over sized card at Walmart for just $3!
It became a background photo spot as I took pictures of all the couples that attended the affair.

I covered another piece of foam board with white damask wallpaper and used two rhinestone pins that covered the holes to suspend the pretty ribbon from.

Paper lace hearts and large paper flowers were strung from the lights all the way around the circumference of the room. It was a bit of a task, but worth the efforts with the help of a kind man and a tall ladder.

 This was the dance floor and it also served as another place for photo ops.....

I made easy little banners with my stencils and plain white paper that hung on six black fabric frames that hang around the room.

New Year's Eve and any grand room needs an elegant clock.  This one was on sale at just the right time!

It's such a lovely room to hold events!

Scripted, black tissue paper was layered under each paper heart place mat.

Silver flatware was placed on red napkins that were held in place at each setting with faux rhinestone, napkin rings and tiny, red tissue roses that I made for each guest.

 I added "diamond dust" to all of the glass votives. Some "little helpers" added the black ribbon and red rhinestone centers to finish them off.

It all made quite an impression impacting the room.

Fancy, but inexpensive, chair covers were made from plastic table covers, that were cut in half, for just 50 cents each. I made the small crepe paper flowers that were added to the backs of the chairs.

 Vignettes were created all around the room.
Some on the counters....

some on the tables....

and in the entrance, too.

 A beautiful amaryllis was brought in to be enjoyed for the night.

Even a gift of candy kisses in my candy store jar for sweet, little treats ...making yet another Valentine's vignette.

And just look at this magnificent cake! 
Our talented neighbor, Sandy Wolfe, created it for our dinner finale. She did  such a fine job of matching it to all of the decor, right down to the rhinestone bling!

We gave it a center stage surrounding it with lace hearts, white lights, candle votives and a scattering of a few more petals.

I made a paper heart chain for the table and even the restroom.... that got a touch of romance, too!

The simplest touches just added romance everywhere.

 A few pics of the cooks in the kitchen, couples posing, couples kissing  and even dancing around the room.

And pics of some after their fabulous meal...

and even pics of me and my honey.
(my "honey" fell on ice, just two days prior, hence his lovely pre-surgical cast)
He was such a trooper to manage to be by my side despite his horrible ordeal!

We had a really receptive was said to have been the largest one, in River Run, yet!
and then came our Fabulous Spring Dinner...if you missed it you can find it here!

All in all it was a very romantic gathering for all thirty lover's for Valentine's Day 2014, do you agree?

   Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!

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