Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Upscaled Autumn Wreath & Tiny Corn Husk Owl

Last year's wreath was our centerpiece for the entire fall.  
It's been around for a few years decked out with different trimmings for the season. 

   This is how it started out really needed a boost!

So, I added more acorns, a pheasant feather and some dollar store flowers first. Then I made a tiny canvas banner and added the fall pick and the cute little, corn husk, owl.

Here's my sweet little owl.
 He's a mini version of my "Two Southern Owls" can see them here!

  I used the old one as a centerpiece last year... you can see that one here.
and then another

and even one more version here!

The new one is hanging over our mantel and I'll share that with you, soon!

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Unknown said...

Oh JP,
Welcome to the ECS Blog Party! We are so happy you came.
Your Post is beautiful!
I Love Fall and you look all ready.

Abby Lawson said...

How stunning! You certainly have a talent with decor! Thanks for linking up at Get Your DIY On! Have a wonderful week!

~Abby =)

Crafts a la Mode said...

Teeny corn husk owl is so CUTE!! Your friend, Linda

Erica Gilstrap said...

I live in Los Angeles and I was randomly surfing for a cute autumn wreath to buy and I clicked this one! Unfortunately it's not for sale, but I thought it so random because my mom lives on Oak Island! I just thought that was crazy! Anyway, beautiful wreath and I LOVE the owl accent; just makes it!