Thursday, December 8, 2016

Living Room Decorations and our New, CHEAP, Christmas Tree

We've been needing to get a new Christmas tree for quite a while. Our last one was a "freebie" that I found by the side of the road. It was a tall skinny tree that was all tied up in it's box and looking for someone to take it home.
I made it last for about 4 years and even gave it an upscale, last year, but the needles kept falling off!
Well we, now, have a very snowy tree that's all trimmed in white and is pretty as can be.

  It's a CHEAP $30 tree that came from Walmart.
I played with the branches giving them more realistic twists and downward turns.
One really big tip to not having your tree scream FAKE is to hide the skinny trunk with a wrap, in a crate or in a tub....just hide it!!!
The branches are very heavily coated with snow and it is almost completely non-shedding!

This is the first time that I've used all white decorations.
 I love's exactly the look that I was after.

Now, here are some closer looks of the winter theme on the mantel and around the room.

A, four paneled, ceiling tile is accented with a handmade NOEL chalkboard tag banner and a marabou boa.

A snowy owl that sits next to my vintage sled.

My sock snowman and pretty white lantern are surrounded by another fluffy white boa.

Fresh cut greens always add a nice touch.

Honey says the polar bears are his favorites.

The, vintage, child's suitcase has been featured for many holiday occassions.

Cards from Christmas & cards from Valentine's day make delightful displays inside.

This vignette inside our "clock" is another way to enjoy some pretty cards.

Our tv is flanked with a Holiday touch on each side.

A cherished gift hangs from the mirror with glam. <3

My shabby, no sew, lampshade cover even got all dressed up with a few temporary pins.

There's no more mirror behind the couch....just a whole new look with my upscaled shelf and rustic wood sign.

Mom's, porcelain, gilded pitcher is my favorite here.

Too cute...that's all I have to say for this!

Even the, slightly rusty, Tonka truck got a touch of "fab"

Gold, shabby painted, bottles and my, sweet, elegant angel are centered in the room.

Living room looks with little ideas are done...but the kitchen is next and now I'm off to work on writing the post!

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inside-our-foyer-decked-out-for christmas

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!


srpprcrftr said...

I love the bears also but it's all fantastic. Wish we had $30 bucks would go see if our Walmarts' (2) have tree like yours. It looks lot more expensive than $30, wow, and you made it look quite gorgeous, love all white and how you decorated whole room. Am always fascinated at what peoples imaginations come up with.
(we live on our SS, we don't get paid (4th. Wed. of every month and have had several 5 week months lately) til day after Christmas and have 4 grandkids to get gift cards for and oldest son's b/d on 21st., so things are bit lean again this year) nothing new, been there done that, just learn to make do, can't get crazy spending money-(what money?). We do ok, just when extra expenses come up we have to do some juggling, lol. Not feeling sorry for ourselves, just how life is, lucky to have our home, each other, our family and pretty good health considering our ages 76 ad 75 (hubs). Plus we just celebrated 48th. anniversary. Life is quite good actually.
Hope life for you and yours is great.
Enjoy weekend. The days are flying by much too quickly.Hugs

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Your thirty dollar tree looks fabulous, JP!! I saw one just like it on display at Walmart but it was sold out well before Black Friday. It really doesn't look cheap at all and it was a terrific buy for anyone able to get one! The rest of your decorations look wonderful, too! Love all of them especially the owls and bears! Happy holidays to you!

Unknown said...

Stunning!!!! Love the all white Tree! The mantle is gorgeous... love the owls 🎄⛄🎄⛄