Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmastime Mailbox

I always like to make my mail girl smile when she sees our mailbox all decked out for the Holiday season.
This year's look got a "simple do" compared to some Holiday season's from the past.
A chubby, red, cardinal sits and some extra large pine cones that I found on the ground added just enough for a wintery look inside the succulent crate 

A red poinsettia garland with some fresh greens added make it look more Christmassey.

There's no denying that this pic would look even better with a little covering of "white stuff" on the ground. 
But, that's okay, I'm happy with decorating outside when it's 70 degrees
This is how it will look if the temperaature drops and we get some flurries with a touch of editing!
 I hope that I may have inspired you to make your own mailbox pretty and if you'd loke to see some others that I've done use my search bar to see more looks.
Next time, I'll let you have a peak inside the door!
Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!


srpprcrftr said...

Would love to dress up our mailbox but post office frowns on it and we have some naughty people who like to mess things up and steal them.
Your mailbox looks so festive and very pretty, amazing what some greens will do. Looks like you live in very pretty neighborhood, love the trees but mostly love chubby cardinal, would love one for our front porch decorations.
Our front porch is small,, makes me miss front porch on our KY house where we lived before western CO where we live now.
Loved our place there, had 1 1/2 acres, son bought place then completely redid inside/outside of house before he sold it to us. Had trees, stream between our place and neighboring farm land, was so nice. But my health didn't like it there, have arthritis/allergies/asthma so after five years we moved back west. Before KY we'd lived on 20 acres south of Helena, MT. Of all places have lived MT is still my very favorite even over San Diego where we lived before MT. There was big lake and mountains all around us, talk about heaven.
So now we live on 1/2 acre few miles west of Grand Junction, CO out in rural area, mountains close by with views aplenty.
Have you always lived in North Carolina? From what I remember going thru your state is very beautiful. Hubs was over road trucker and I'd go with him as much as I could, loved going.
Enjoy your weekend

Kristi Anderson said...

Always so creative!!! Xoxo