Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter Window Candlescape with a little bit of Love!

Christmas may be over but it's still winter so I changed our bay window to a winter candlescape theme.

My, little, white sled, an assortment of votives and some shiny green leaves, from our camellia tree, were the beginnings of the creation for the new look. 
Red and white are almost always my go to colors. 

Our, old, white painted, fireplace screen adds an interesting depth to the background in the window.

I love a red berry wreath especially when adorned with hearts.

The owl that was on display as a part of the window's Christmas decor is sticking around for the rest of winter. He's just too cute to put away!

An inverted ironstone compote with a red transferware plate created an interesting base for the vignette on top.

Red transferware saucers are placed underneath  many of the votives.

Candles are always just so romantic any ole time of the year.

Epsom salt covers the outside of this votive jar.

A canvas banner of love made it's debut again for Valentine's day.

I think the white rustic crate really makes a great impact to the overall setting.

Another piece of transferware is tucked inside the hanging lantern for a little surprise.

A bouquet of miniature silk roses hangs in a spot that needed just a little something.

 The Waterford heart came from one of my sweet girls for Christmas several years ago. It always makes me sigh when I come across it every year!
I'm looking forward to creating a new tablescape and celebrating an extra special day of  "Love" this year.

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!

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Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

So warm and inviting!! Perfect for Winter!!


srpprcrftr said...

You are right on the spot to do some Valentines decorating. You have some wonderful pieces to complete your arrangement in your gorgeous bay window. Love every one but especially that cardinal. Oh it's gorgeous. What fun to be able to make arrangements in your bay window. Do you change things for seasons/holidays? This time of year will sure keep you busy.
I have just gotten my holiday decos out of room and room cleaned up in last few days, rearranged way it was before holidays. We have small living room and 3 doorways out of it so not whole lot of room to spare for comfy arranging.
Bought wonderful new little cottagey table at American Furniture last week. Has shutters on front to cover storage area and shelf on bottom. They had them in aqua, white and wood tone, I bought white for more versatility.
Always love seeing your vignettes and your lovely home. Gives me great ideas. Happy week said...

I LOVE everything about this...pure perfection! I just found you and am thrilled. I am looking forward to more posts.

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

How sweet is this!!! And what fun to have a window sill like that to decorate.

Pat said...

I am quite smitten with your red berry wreath and the heart within it, dear one!!!
Yes, that owl needs to stay out to delight a while longer!!!
I'm quite smitten with all your red and white transfer ware!!!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Super cute, JP. I always love your window designs.
That little owl is adorable!

Ann said...

Love your window - that fireplace screen is gorgeous and ties everything together!
Saw this on Table It Link Party...hope you'll stop by the cottage!

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