Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cardinals in our Faux Snow Covered Christmas Tree

I wanted a smaller, really snowy, Christmas tree this year, but I didn't want to spend money on buying a new one. So, I used the top 2/3rds of our old, 6 foot tree and added lots of homemade snow.

This was my inspiration for the tree and living room this year. I wanted to bring the outside in.

I'm not gonna lie, it was a really messy project.  I'm just glad that it was a gorgeous, early November day, in the70's and I could make my big ole mess outside!

I mixed up a batch of plaster of paris with some white paint and water. The epsom salts gave it some added texture to make it look more like snow.

You'll need to keep it on the "soupy side" first batch was way too thick and hardened quickly in my bucket!

I just slopped it, heavily, on each branch and sprinkled on some clear glitter to give it a bit more sparkle.
After I was done applying snow all over the tree it then took a few days for it to be dry enough to bring back inside.

It's no longer just a fake green's wintery and simple and just the right size.

I placed this cardinal, in it's white rope, nest near the top of the tree.

 I stole it off last year's winter white grapevine wreath  

Lots of babies are perched on top of branches 

and beside the rhinestone garland glam.

White, painted pine cones and fall ------------are tucked inside for a natural, wintery look.

I added red glitter to the star on top  of the tree.

This is how tall it was and with a little less snow still set up for Valentine's Day last year.

I'm all ready for Christmas, are you?
I'm really excited about sharing the rest of the room with you. There's a lot more glam and a bit of red cardinal mania.
It's gonna be a really long post!

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