Sunday, October 25, 2015

Getting Bloggers to Respond to Your Comments

So many wonderful people take the time to leave comments on blog posts, but they fail to realize that there's a little reason why they will never receive a reply.

  It's not for our lack of's more likely that we can't find you!

When we attempt to reply (via email) to your comment, the one that you left in our post, our email attempt fails because you are labeled as a "noreply- comment"

This is an example of a comment from a wonderful lady who I'd love to respond to:
 srpprcrftr has left a new comment on your post "Fall Treasures, Keepsakes and Vignettes":

I love to see how bloggers style their treasures, or for that matter other people, not just bloggers. I've never been so inspired in my life, I think, until I discovered blogs, a whole new world opened up for me. What talent out there. I find it so interesting to get to know people from all over the world and our country, to hear about their families, their troubles sometimes, their lives and their talents. Like having a whole slew of new friends would never have known otherwise. I look on the internet as a whole new way to meet people and understand them more.
Loved all your treasures and getting to see how you enjoy them in your home. Your Grandmother's shoe and that incredible mirror. Hope you have wonderful weekend.

If you care to reply please do so to my email address. Thanks

Posted by srpprcrftr to Sweet Inspirations by JP designs at October 25, 2015 at 2:20 AM

 this is what comes up as your address:

But, that's okay....
 It's an easy fix:
1- sign in to your blogger profile
2- select-edit profile
3- enter your email address

That's it!

HURRAY! We can now reply to you!!!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!
Can you see him? He's playing "peek-a-boo!

P.S. if anyone knows spprcrftr or even Neelie B, I would love to finally connect with both of them :)

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Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

What a lovely comment she left! When I first started blogging I was a " no reply blogger" not understanding the concept until it was brought to my attention by a few blogging friends. Initially I thought putting my email in the profile would be too public and would result in tons of spam and phishing emails. I suspect that may be what these bloggers think. Just my guess. Interesting post with good info! :)

srpprcrftr said...

I will try to figure out how to remedy this conundrum, didn't know I was no reply - am not a blogger, don't have time for one, too busy tending house and replying/reading all the wonderful posts I receive on here. I am digitally challenged so will take me little bit to find profile so I can make it clear for you. Thanks so much for wanting to reply, I enjoy reading your replies, getting to know you. Happy week, hope your Monday is going along well.

Unknown said...

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