Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Treasures, Keepsakes and Vignettes

Last week I shared our fall mantel with you. Now, I'm back to let you see all of the vignettes I made around the room.

 fireplace and mantel

In the center is our coffee table with a treasure chest and my grandfather's old specs.

Mom's painted white chair and a basket of faux mums fills the fireside spot.
This side of the room doesn't get shared that much...that tv is so darn distracting!
 But, I'll show you some close-ups of the recent displays that I made. This is one with a
  treasure that my first born made. It had just the right colors that's on top of a speaker that I tried to disguise.

On top of the unit, off to the right, is part of an arrangement with, grandma's, baby shoe.
 It's from 1899 when she was just one. It long lost it's laces so I gave it some jute ones, a feather and a pearl. I have one and my sister has the other!

 It's completed with old books and a candlestick pair.

Then a complimentary grouping sits to the left

And these are the candle holders before I decided to "putz!"

 Here's what I grabbed from my craft room that inspired their looks.

 I hot glued some jute and studded leather to one....
then more of the same with some ribbon, a feather and a brass button to the other.
The "wee little sampler" got two paper flowers hot glued on the frame. It's a piece that I did that's the size of a quarter, the tiniest cross stitch that I ever made. It's sitting on top of a distressed painted top from a new craft box.
This is the side of the room with the couch.
 White, distressed, old shutters hang on the wall with lots of touches that simply speak fall.

  My red washstand with apples and brass.

The brass mesh basket is a real oldie that I once found for just $5!
 An earring of Grandmas's adds glam to my funky old lamp.
 Now, here's the room behind the love seat that's placed to the right. 

Since my husband's recent close call, I "thank GOD" that we can still share our love and life and hope for forever!

 The hand painting on my 19th century washstand is amazing to me.

It's so colorful and detailed and beautiful as can be.

 This Victorian beauty above it was my Grandma Bea's, too!
Reflections in old mirrors just always make me sigh.

A necklace and pearls add some glam that's just my taste.

This is the corner where our ladder resides... at least for a few more weeks 'til I bring our palm tree inside.

It holds an old, red, rag rug, a ribbon tied bundle of baby's breath and a hanging basket bird's nest....

with our, sentimental, love birds. I seem to feature them somewhere all throughout the year.

A 19th century tole tray sits next to the ladder on the floor.

This vintage flower pin that's pinned to the lampshade was a unique antique shop find.

A sweater pillow, with the rag flower, came out of storage and covers came off of the others that now work well with the look of fall.
My, old, Windsor chair sits by the front door.

A burgandy mum adds a seasonal touch to the burlap bow that's attached to the top.

Here's, two more, little precious, treasures... they belonged to my, grown mama, baby "Kristi Marie."

An, old, Tonka truck filled with a haul of white pumpkins sits on the floor that completes the grouping and share for today.

  I've got things in our hallway that you might like to see, so I'll be back to share how that all looks, next!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!
Can you see him? He's playing "peek-a-boo!

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srpprcrftr said...

I love to see how bloggers style their treasures, or for that matter other people, not just bloggers. I've never been so inspired in my life, I think, until I discovered blogs, a whole new world opened up for me. What talent out there. I find it so interesting to get to know people from all over the world and our country, to hear about their families, their troubles sometimes, their lives and their talents. Like having a whole slew of new friends would never have known otherwise. I look on the internet as a whole new way to meet people and understand them more.
Loved all your treasures and getting to see how you enjoy them in your home. Your Grandmother's shoe and that incredible mirror. Hope you have wonderful weekend.

If you care to reply please do so to my email address. Thanks

NeelieB said...

These are adorable and make a home feel and BE a home. Beautiful inspirations, Janet. Love your designs.

Sandi Magle said...

First I love your antique mirror, and the toys...!

Saddest thing is when the kids 'grow out of their toys'. My mom said the happiest days were when she found a toy, my boys had tucked in her dishtowel drawer, or hid in her nightstand. Love your boot teddy and the truck.

I have actually kept toys around the house always, and now I have a 'grand' and the house is strewn with toys again. Thanks, Sandi

Shirley said...

Everything is really pretty and so fall feeling. I especially love Grandma's earring on the lamp shade! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday with us.

Home on the Corner said...

You have some great vintage items! I love the little truck with the pumpkins! Have a wonderful week!

Unknown said...

Hi JP, you have some fun decorative details going on here. Vintage and creative. Thank you so much for linking this up at SHARE IT 34, I love your contributions! Hugs, Rose

Deanies Stash said...

Very nice vignettes. I think my very favorite is the truck loaded with pumpkins.