Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some Things I Just "Have to Keep" and Some Painting to Do

One of the great things about being "addicted to the hunt" is... sometimes I keep some of my great finds!

I have come across, so many, wonderful treasures, over the past 30 years. I have passed on and sold most of them, but, once in a while I just have to keep them! Not for their value, but just because they are just so perfect for me.
  Since our "spare room" is not just a place for guests, but storage for my items for sale, office and craft supplies and my treasured keepsakes, I need to make it a pretty, "gathering" place, too.
  I've slowly been transforming it into a "cottage themed retreat" to use for occasional photo shoots
and since becoming a part time, novice photographer I am finding the need for some great props!

Here are a few of the "cottagey" pieces I've decided to keep....
like this Austrian, hand painted, bowl.
Just $1.79 @ my local "Goodwill" :)

 And what a perfect piece to accent another great $20 find...this vintage, shabby, cottage coverlet just had to be mine!

It now covers the guest bed with some pillows... a perfect compliment to the color of the room..


A little "glam" to dress up the headboard ( that my "honey" made :)

I found a pair of white, flour sack towels, in my "grocery store" for just 3 bucks!
I twisted and gathered them into a knot, secured them with a rubber band, added a white ribbon and the rhinestone pin.
It softened up the headboard and I love the way it looks.

"More Keepers"
These placemats, for $1 each, are so perfect for using as props for my photos...but, there were only three, now I just have to find more! 

Now, I desperately, want to re-paint these walls from their "ragged and outdated" look. I want to make them a softer shade of green.
And this cupboards color has been such an "eyesore" for me for a very long time, too...just finding the time to transform it has been the obstacle  :(

And now a choice has to be made for it's color. It's a "flip flop" for me. Should I paint it a "shabby white" and distress it right over the green or should I do a nice shade of pink over the green instead? Or let's get more confusing...white with pink beadboard?

If I paint the cupboard a color should I keep the dresser white? 

What would you choose?
Your input would be so much appreciated...I trust you have a great eye for color, too!

Til next time....I've got more work to do!!!

Hugs, Love and Happy Wishes,

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I can see why you're keeping the pieces you are. I love that coverlet.

JP said...

Oh, thank you for your comment and visiting "my blog" really does make my day!

ByLightOfMoon said...

I adore the color it is now, maybe just shabby it up some with distress!

Your finds are just fabulous, love the plate and coverlet! I have trouble letting go to with great finds!

Smiles, Cyndi

Debbi said...

I am drooling over your faves are pink roses...for the paint, my choice would be white--although I love it just the way it is!

My Vintage Life said...

I applaud you for being able to sell your things. I am at the line to where I want to start selling my embroidered linens..........but it is still so hard to let them go!What a beautiful room with all of the lovely things! I have always loved the depression green.........maybe if you distressed it, it might appeal to you more, however, white always makes the objects show up better. I would love to see what you do when you make the decision!