Friday, September 28, 2012

More "Designer Glitz" with a French Inspired Twist

Gonna keep this post short :)
I thought that you might like to see the vanity bench re-do that I showed to you in one of my very first posts.
It was pretty outdated and blah, but it was a tag sale steal for just five bucks...woo-hoo!

Here it is before.

And this is it with a paint job, french fabric and lots of..."Designer Glitz!"

A mix of buttons and rhinestones...old and new.

The back is "glitzed up" too!

Even with a vintage, jet necklace.

Here it is with some other french inspired creations.
C'est Manifique!

The first post...."Some Designer Glitz" 

Gotta get some sleep. Tomorrow's another day! 

Love, Hugs & Kisses,

P.S. another re-do that seems to be a "hit!"
My Rustic, "Shabby Glam" Washstand

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Shabby chic Sandy said...

Another pretty post! I liked the bench in the before state (I'm kind of into Granny-chic :)) but the after is fabulous! Love all the bling! Where do you find it all? Thank you for following me, I am following you now too. You have a great and unique style--can't wait to see what you next!

Anonymous said...

glad to see it again =) good idea

Unknown said...

Oh, your bench is beautiful! I love your awesome blog. Your newest follower from Simple & Sweet Fridays. :)

Donna Heber said...

I love it! So much gorgeous bling. I'm sure it took you quite a bit of time to make this wonderful transformation.

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

That is so pretty! I love it!

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Thank you so much for your comment on Rooted in Thyme. Love your blog and your bench is so gorgeous. Wonderful design!
I'm your newest follower.


The Charm of Home said...

Very pretty! My Grandmother is telling me that they can no longer find bittersweet or mistletoe here in our tri-state area. I ordered my bittersweet. She says it is climate change and it is found father north. I hope she is wrong and she is just hoarding her stash!;)

Karen said...

That is a great makeover, it's always so much fun to find something at a great price and make it priceless. Thanks so much for stopping by and following,I'm happy to follow you as well.