Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Shabby Glam" and "Designer Glitz" and my Tag Sale Finds

JP designs
"Shabby Glam" & "Designer Glitz" 

Well, here is my latest attempt to captivate you with my blog! ;)

So, here it goes!!! 

Right now, I am stressing a bit, no...... a lot, over what to do first. Should I edit my page and background to make it related more to JP designs or should I just continue to write my latest entry? Hmmmm....well, I'm choosing to begin here...

 I am, currently, in the process of re-vamping my Etsy store
( )
 with a new banner to reflect my latest collection of vintage finds.
I have a new one in the works, new business cards, tags and more promotional materials to design. Then there's finishing touches to my items that need to be professionally shot. (I'm not happy with my photo talents, yet, and I'm hoping to get some good tips to improving mine, soon!)

 So, the tag sales have begun and my garage is filling up again. I'm supposed to be getting rid of stuff in the event that we can, finally, sell our house and move to "greener pastures" ......Myrtle Beach to be precise :)

 things that you can, soon, purchase!

 ~And a few that I am anxious to "Glam" or "Glitz"~

My first find of the day was the great little, vintage, vanity bench. It's a great one that someone attempted to make look shabby chic, but I think it needs some updating. So, should I update it to my version of 
"Shabby Glam" 
 with a nicer, floral fabric, better padding, a nice distressing and finish it with some great button details? Should I paint it white or green? I'm leaning towards a soft, garden green! Or...should I make it
 "Designer Glitz" 
with a black finish, a great, red floral fabric, a short, leopard ruffle and of course some buttons, pins, pearls or gems? The problem is...I love both, but which would be a more popular choice, for selling purposes, for a bedroom or dressing room decor?
 Here's my second find and I love it!!! I am, definitely, going to do a great white distress and turn this into a mirror. The frame is so beautiful with it's detail and thickness and you'd never guess that it's........
plastic!!! And you'll never know that when it's done ;)
 And, my last buy of the day was this 1930's or early 40's, huge, wood framed, oil painting.
And I mean a huge, 42" x 29 1/2"!!!  
  I will be definitely making this one into a memo board. Any takers for the signed oil on canvas??? And now, another decision to frame or white....floral...solid damask or printed script, fabric backing? Decisions...Decisions...Decisions!!!

Well, my blogging for the day must come to an end...I've got cleaning and laundry and banking to do... a shower to take, dinner to prep and Christian's first tee ball practice @ 6! Tomorrow is another day to continue my list of never ending" to-do's"....sounds familiar, right? So, 'til next time, good luck to you and your lists, I'll be working mine and please, come back again!!!

<3 Janet 


Susan said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. You did a great job. I told Di to check it out; maybe we can get her hooked?

JP said...,I have to find time to fit this new "world" into my list of to-do's! Did you see the way I parked my car today? I posted it on my FB page?
Thanks for being the 2nd member of my blog! <3