Thursday, April 26, 2012

A "Tuscan" Inspired Dinner

~A Tuscan Evening~

Last night's dinner inspired my post for started with my afternoon fixation with "The Chew," an eggplant lasagna, hunger pains, and what to cook for dinner. So, it was  off to the market I ran!
Since, I didn't pay much attention to the details of the recipe I created one of my own... a little of this and a bit of that and voila...
 w/ Tuscan Eggplant Lasagna

 I received five stars and a lot of appreciation from my 100%  Italian, better half....a real pat on the back to know that my lessons learned from my own "Italian raised" (not born) background
were worth the effort.
The recipe is pretty easy, with a sauce that doesn't take hours to simmer and is absolutely "Delish!"
  Good ingredients are key to my recipe which "I PROMISE" to share....just be patient, follow this post and it will soon appear!!! :)

The recipe is here! 

The Table Decor
I had a "quake," aka "a brain jolt," to set a dinner themed table and my rooster plate was the start to igniting my theme. So, while the eggplant was cooking, I decided and to snap some good pics for this "Tuscan Themed Post."

 Then out came my dishes to add to the setting with some accents of flowers that just make me smile! 

The Centerpiece

  Quick!!!....I had to make a centerpiece! So, I grabbed my new little, "Goodwill" find, the aged, verdigris milk can ( $2.99 I must boast!) my burgandy floral, serving plate, another woven placemat, some candles  and  luckily, some flowers ( a gift from my "Tanya" (TYVM...I love you!) to complete my design.
My "Honey's" Surprise!
 So, home came my man and  he walked in the door, his face filled with pleasure, then he questioned..."What for?" and "What did I forget, now?"...............
"Nothing, Honey....,just a nice little dish, just a little somethin' special for my hardworking and very hungry guy!!!"
xoxoxo mwah!
Best Wishes for a Wonderful Day!

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deb said...

Gorgeous tablesetting! And yummu looking dinner!!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said... sweet! Love the decor! Nicely done. ; )

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

It is so good to surprise our "guys" once in a while to let them know how special they are to us!!
Beautiful and romantic table!
♥ Jil

Unknown said...

Hi JP!
What a great post for the Cottage Kitchen Party! Looks beautiful.
Your Hubby does that too? I used to ask what he was guilty bout, but now he comes home and looks and says.....'Blogged Again.'

JP said...

Oh, Melody that is funny and thanks for the compliment!