Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Baby it's Cold Outside in NC & Alaska

Oh, boy...."Baby it's Cold Outside" 
And that's a fact!

An older shot of our Venetian mirrior from an older post
Winter is hitting the entire east coast and really cold weather, with some sleet and snow, is in our forecast for today and tomorrow. Not the norm for coastal Carolina and I'll be happy when it warms back up next week. I'll be burning some winter calories doing some yardwork and putting the remainder of outside Christmas decorations away....hopefully, back in flip-flops again!

In the mean time, this past weekend, I got most of our Christmas decor put away, but left out some to keep the look of winter around for a tad bit longer.

The bay window was the first to get done by nesting all of the owls together in my little antique wheelbarrow.

The tree and sled are packed away along with all of the red ornaments that were on the mantel.

The entry, now, with my beautuful new canvas print.

Here it was with our Christmas decor.

The beautiful canvas was a gift from one of my "besties" who's young enough to be my daughter....I'll treasure it and our friendship forever!

This is DeeAnn and me from our lunch date a few years ago.....just look at her smile!

The majestic mountains of Alaska is one of many of her incredible images from her recent trip there to "practice" her photography.

Lots of gorgeous icebergs are among the many in her vast collection.

This one blew (blue) my mind!!!

Not sure if this was a fishing, tour or a rescue boat, but what a wonderful pic.

Another great shot from way up in the air.

I'm pretty sure she was hanging out the window or (knowing her) holding on to the tail bar of the last car...LOL!

Alaskan bears were all around her. She got many great pics of them!

This was one of the cutest bear, love, love it!

How often does one get to see a bald eagle, let alone snap a shot like this? 
It's from her portfolio of nature.

This is one of my favorite action shots that she nabbed, not far from her home.....what luck she has!

Here's my girl, in Alaska, in action...just look at that amazing lens!!!
  DeeAnn's incredible work is available 
and click on her portfolio's to see more. 

Now, leaving you with a cell phone snap, through my car window, of our entrance waterfall frozen solid....I expect to see it flowing again next week...

'til then I hope that if the cold, ice and snow is in your forecast that you will stay safe and warm!

Love, Hugs, and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!

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kathi said...

Love the decor and those pictures/photos are awesome,especially the bears and the fox.Tfs

daylily said...

Your owls are adorable! Loved your canvas piece your friend made just for you. And the photographs are incredible!! Thanks for sharing. Karen

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

My twin daughters work in AK most every summer -- I've never been but definitely the scenery is amazing! Your daughter is quite talented! I had to laugh when I saw my favorite island in GA had a WIND CHILL WARNING . . . because the wind chills were going to be 10-20 ABOVE ZERO hahaha! That would be a day for us to wear OUR flip flops lol.

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