Saturday, December 9, 2017

Last Year's Christmas Dinner in Black White and Red

It seems that I'm either late to share our Christmas tablescapes or never get around to it at all. Some bloggers seem to be able to go all out with their designs in advance of Christmas eve or day. I just can't manage that with the need for us to bring in an extra table an borrow extra chairs to accomodate16 people. 
So, here I am sharing last year's tablescapes that we enjoyed on Christmas day 2016.

Black and white gingham and pops of red was the theme of the day.

 An extra table and our kitchen peninsula allowed us to have enough seating for all.

 Layered plates in red, white and black looked simple, yet festive.

 A sprig of berries and a strand of red, satin cord made simple ties for the napkins at each setting.
 I added festive words to each glass with white marker...a last minute touch that I realized would smudge. I didn't have time to do a more permanent job with paint.

 The round table sat six and was positioned right next to the 6 ft. folding table that sat another 6. That way everyone faced eachother and no one had to look at someones back.

I remember being so frustrated with taking last minute pics before everyone arrived and having such trouble with my camera's settings and the bright lights and shadows of the day. I never did get a good pic of the lantern centerpieces that co-ordianted with the window theme!

A few different angles of all of the seatings.

This was the view entering from the front hall. 
 I did manage to get one good pic of one of the lantern centerpieces.

 It was surrounded on both sides by this votive vignette.

 Thankfully, our kitchen and dining area is nice and large.

 Each seat had a chalkboard tag with a berry sprig and ribbons. The chair covers are one of my most "pinned" posts of really easy 50 cent covers.

 The chandy's got greens that I cut from the yard...
 and berries, silver bells and a big gingham bow.

A Holiday punch on a made up stand to catch any drips and make it easy to pour!

The mirror that I added was nice and flat making the jug nice and stable for serving.

A little hack that I like to do to add more serving or prep space in the kitchen is to add a cutting board to a pulled out drawer!

 This was last year's bay window theme in the kitchen that never made the rounds in might like to see it here

I loved the theme of all the lanterns, especially lit at night!

The best part of our feast was the, good old southern, oyster roast that we enjoyed, beforehand, outside in the 70+ degree weather with drinks and the family.

Love, Hugs and Kisses,
and Gucci, too!


Cindy Lou said...

Love the look !! Love the black and white with the red accents ! What did you do this year ?

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

This is stunning!! I love that even though you have different tables, they are all the same decorations. I immediately noticed the chair covers but am I missing a link to how you did them?