Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Checkerboard Stool was NOT an Easy Project!

Last summer I bought two, bright red, stools at a consignment shop for $5 ea....good deal!
I planned on painting them to sell in my space. Well, it didn't take long before I scapped them up, from the garage, to try them at the counter in our kitchen.
Guess what? They were a perfect fit!!! 

I'd been longing to add some black and white checkerboard to our kitchen ever since we were in our old house. 

My plan was to create a checkerboard floor cloth, but with our move other priorities came first.
So, for now, I decided to paint the pattern on the stools.

 This was the way it started...well, actually, the way the 2nd one is still. I haven't found the time to tackle the task for a second time!

Now, I'm not gonna lie, or even sugar coat this was a real pain in the "you know what"!

After sanding down the glossy, red paint I applied two coats of black paint to the legs and two more, in white, to the seat.
Then came a lot of measuring and taping to make the perfect squares.

taping it in both directions

Then I painted these squares black and attempted to remove the tape too soon!!! Ugh...don't do that! Wait...wait...wait!!!

Then remove the tape and re-tape to expose where you still need to paint more black squares that the tape covered in between!

And....then you need to tape and paint the pattern on the edge all the way around!

I am really happy with the way it finally turned out.

It's the perfect checkered "pop of pattern" for our country kitchen.

Now, here's a closer look at my breakfast vignette.
I found four matching place mats at a local consignment store for just $1!

Pfaltzgraff and ironstone created my breakfast setting

complete with souvenir salt and pepper shakers and "grandma's" rooster egg cup

with some ironstone and toleware, too.

This is my vintage, shaving mug... it's now my sugar server with the perfect holder for some stirrers.
I did another post on the mug here, too.

This is my new coffee pot. It was a gift from my sweet friend, DeeAnn, from my trip home for Mother's Day.

It's an 1800's ironstone piece that I will forever treasure!

 Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Your stool turned our great, Janet! I think you need to bite the bullet and get the second one done. : ) Love the matching placemats you were able to find.

Susan said...

It certainly doesn't look like it was hard since it came out so perfectly; you'd think there'd be a stencil out there somewhere but good job on persevering! I'm sure whenever anyone sees something checkerboard painted in the future they'll appreciate all the more.

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Hello Janet,

Your checkerboard stool turned t beautiful. It is cheery and adds a bit of fun to the space. I am sure it was a lot of work but the final product made it worth it am sure. Thank you for the inspiration.


Art and Sand said...

I did a checkerboard stool top once and vowed never to do it again. It was a lot of work even though I liked how it ended up.

Your stool looks great and your whole kitchen look is fun!