Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Purple and Some Great Photography!

It's been a long, few days for me and to unwind I've been browsing some sites of beautiful photography, hoping to pick up some tips for improving mine.

This is one that I hope to be able to achieve and make newbies like me green with envy...
It's Perfection!

Then this one, in particular, caught my eye since I just adore the color purple, lavender and candles.
 It just looks so calming and peaceful. Now, I really can't wait for my lavender to bloom to harvest so I can make a bunch of these for myself and maybe a few "special" friends!
 And now the one that makes my heart pitter patter, even more is this, incredible, lush landscape of purple, purple and more  purple...the garden of my dreams!
So, with that thought, I bid you adieu for tomorrow is another day and I have more fun things to, I'll say goodnight and bid you adieu for I've some peaceful "dreaming" to do!!!


ornamentsbypink said...

Janet pretty pictures. Your garden is beautiful. The lavender looks so nice wrapped around the candle, I like the fragrance of the lavender plant.

JP said...

I see that you love gardening, too! Your pink coneflower is just beautiful.
You should check out my Garden Share link, further down on this page, if you haven't already.
And thank you for stopping by and commenting...hope you'll stop by again!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Wow, that purple garden is fantastic - what a goal to strive for!

Unknown said...

If this is your garden I want to be right there.
I like lavender flowers for its great healing properties and beautiful colour.

JP said...

Oh, Linda...I WISH it was my garden! I do have a ton of perennials and purple beauties, myself, but not it such an "impactful" design. Maybe at my next home!