Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Summer Wreath & a Little Patriotism

It's been quite a while since I posted anything here on my blog. I've decided to just post occasionally and not worry about page views and being featured. 
I am extremely grateful to all of the wonderful bloggers who have featured my posts in the past, but the time involved and not making money just isn't for me.
I started this blog mostly as a way to have a "keepsake" of memories for my family to see and look back on and share when I am long gone. 
So, let's move on and you can see my summer wreath and a little bit of patriotism outside our house.

Just in time for Memorial Day...some red, white and blue. An, old black, chippy grapevine wreath is now covered with geraniums and giant ladybugs. It's just right for our house and for a summer look. The flag banner is the perfect touch for honoring the holiday!

 This was it's first look....I like the ragged banner so much more!

The ladybugs are just so darn cute!

 They're a bigger version of the ones that were on our front door basket at this time last year.

Some tiny ones are crawling on a bird house.

 Nothing elaborate, just a little touch of decorating for the day.

Summer is in bloom!

I took a few minutes to paint an old plank board. It's the backside of the JOY board that I made for Christmas!

I made my own star stencil out of plain old paper. Masking tape was the perfect width to make the red and white stripes.
I made this denim banner a few years ago. It's now really tattered and worn...time to make a new one! 

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Memorial Day!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!



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Lauren at Wonderfully Made said...

Well I'm right there with you my friend -- I am lucky to get a post up each week! I do visit other sites and pin ideas, leave comments, etc. when I have the time but working full time leaves me little free time in the evenings to do what NEEDS to be done haha! I love your little touches of patriotism -- and that denim banner is SO great -- a good way to use up those old jeans, etc. that don't get worn anymore. The board with the flag is so cool -- love how it's propped up there. I'm doing a "poor man's" renovation on our kitchen. Painted all the cabinets, walls and am just finishing up using a stone counter top refinishing kit and it's amazing!! What a difference for a little over a hundred dollars as opposed to 1,000! Enjoy a safe holiday!