Saturday, May 2, 2015

My Old Wooden Market Sign...NOT!

This is my new, old wooden sign. It's perfect for our country kitchen.

It's nice and weathered from age.

But, here's my little secret....

Here is my DIY and how I created it, out of a flap, from a cardboard box .

This is how I distressed my sign and aged it.

First, I started by giving it a coat full coat of a brown paint to give it some more depth when I attempted to distress it.

Next, I used plain, white, craft paint and my scruffy brush and just dry brushed on one coat and let it dry, letting the card board show through.

Then, I applied a second coat, heavier in some places letting the card board still show through.

I made the "Farmer's Market" script in Pic Monkey and reversed it with the "rotating" tool.
Then I used an 8x11 sheet of card stock and lightly coated, one side, with spray glue. I cut a piece of wax paper to fit to size and adhered it in place. 

Then I fed it into my inkjet printer, using the wax paper transfer method and it came out like this.

Being careful not to touch the ink ( as it would smear) I peeled of the wax paper and layed it where I wanted the words to fit.
 I held the paper, firmly in place, as I used a credit card to rub the transfer to my sign. I made sure that I rubbed it plenty of times to get all of the ink to adhere.

Now, this was the result.
You could leave this for a really worn look or do what I did and go over it with a fine liner brush and paint or if you are luck enough to have a laser jet printer your ink will transfer nice and dark!

I chose to make it darker and mixed some paint for a not so black result.

Next, I used a sanding block to go over the letter's to age them a bit. You see the difference between Farmer's and the RKET :)

Then, I wanted a little bit of distressing over the background, so I took a tiny square from a kitchen scruffy sponge, dampened it and removed some paint here and there.
Some strokes sideways and some up and down.

And lastly, I thought that it could use some "worm hole's" since they are usually found in, really old, wood.
I used the sharp end of a paper clip and tapped it with a hammer to make random holes all around.

I had a few cups of coffee and my hands were real shaky, but my letters didn't turn out too bad!

For now, this is where I have it.

Eventually, I will make more signs on wood...but, for now, I'm gonna continue to play around with more cardboard. It's free and I've got lots of boxes hanging around!

It's not too bad for a FAKE!

For another even easier way to make one of your own check out my latest version here

There's a free graphic of it, too!

Love, Hugs and Kisses,

and Gucci, too!
Can you see him? He's playing "peek-a-boo!

A few very special "thank you's" to Kathy @ lifeonlakeshoredrive   and to Erlene  and all of her co-hosts @  mypinterventures  and to Tammy @ .onemoretimeevents   sharing this post as a feature at their parties!

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Thelma said...

Beautiful sign. You did a lovely job xo

Muchmore Creative said...

This is so clever! Great project :)

Cindy Lou said...

Wow! So creative are you! Looks terrific!

Unknown said...

I love your sign it came out awesome. Great tutorial!

Christy James said...

Your sign turned out fantastic! I never would have guessed it was cardboard. I'll have to try that transfer method too. Thanks for sharing! XO

Kim said...

This is truly beautiful and so creative. I am pinning it for technique. Great instructions!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love the finished product! So realistic to wood. What a fun project too!

Sum of their Stories said...

That's so clever - I would have never guessed it was card.

Unknown said...

I would not have known that was made from cardboard if you hadn't said it was. Good job!
Visiting from Home and Garden Thursday.

DD's Cottage said...

So sneaky and creative! Love it !

Ivy and Elephants said...

I LOVE this! It looks so good! Cool and creative, super job.

Parsimonious D├ęcor Darling said...

Brilliantly done! Pinning, love it!

Donna Wilkes said...

It really looks like an old wooden sign - great job!

Unknown said...

I love it!!!

willmare said...

I really, truly thought it was a real wooden signat first!!! I am so happy that Angie showed off your sign on her blog, so I could swing over to your blog and read how you DIY!!!! I'm just learning how to do this "Distressing" stuff. And I need ALL the pointers i can get, thanks to you girls/guys, who are like PROS!! THANKS!!!!

Erlene said...

Holy smokes! That's amazing that you made cardboard look like wood. I'm so going to try this as we have tons of cardboard laying around. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!

Unknown said...

So simple and easy!!

Benita said...

I think it turned out awesome! And no one would have ever been the wiser about the cardboard!

One More Time Events said...

Great it! Thanks for sharing You will be one of the features on Saturday Share it One More Time... Tammy

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

Love this project! Thanks for sharing!

One More Time Events said...

Thank you for sharing your great project at Share It One More Time... You are one of the features this week! Tammy

Unknown said...

Wow you totally fooled me! I thought this was wood. This is awesome!

Theresa said...

absolutely amazing! Had me fooled!

Teddee Grace said...

This is pretty astounding! Not sure I could pull off re-painting the letters, but yours look great.

Darlene Whalley said...

This is genius!! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Great idea. Can't wait to try but when searching for pic monkey several came up. Which one? Help... Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to try this today except the lettering. i will freehand and hopefully it will turn out..thank you for this awesome idea!